LTiH – Alec Walker

Series 1 Dedication


The above image appeared at the end of Series 1 episode 6, just before the main credits rolled.

The show was inspired by real life events. Alec Walker was the man who was reunited with Dorothy, writer Sally Wainwright’s mother after the two of them lost contact for 60 years. They subsequently married (both for the second time). So Alec Walker is Sally Wainwright’s real life step-dad and the inspiration for Alan Buttershaw. For more about this story, and to see a photo of Alec Walker, read any of the following articles :

Article in the Daily Mail which appeared on 9 November 2012

Article in the Yorkshire Post Magazine

Exclusive interview with Dorothy, Sally Wainwright’s motherin the Daily Mail which was published on 9 January 2015.

Sadly, Alec Walker passed away just a couple of years after he married Dorothy, before the show was written and filmed.

Alec Walker is NOT related to Nicola !

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