Last Tango in Halifax FAQ

posted on 15 April 2015

First the good news, YES there will be a series 4. After Episode 6 of Series 3 was aired on in the UK 1 February 2015, an announcement was made at the end of the programme to the effect that “Last Tango in Halifax will return with a new series“, AND the BBC logged this tweet :

20150201 BBC Tweet

And now, for the bad news : Series 4 won’t be on screen until late 2016, at the earliest! Various sources have confirmed this. Found out more from this interview Sally Wainwright gave to the British Press Guild on 13 March 2015 when she won the writer’s award for Happy Valley.


To summarise (in case this YouTube video is no longer available by the time you get round to this page), Sally will be very busy for the rest of 2015 because :

  • As of mid-March 2015, Sally had written only 3 episodes of the second series of Happy Valley. She’d started on episode 4, with two more episodes to write.
  • She enjoyed directing Episode 4 of Series 1 (Happy Valley) so much that she will be directing Episodes 1 & 2 and 5 & 6 of the second series.
  • Sally has also written a movie about the Brontë sisters for the BBC and will be directing that as well, sometime in 2015.
  • She hasn’t written anything for Series 4 of Last Tango in Halifax and won’t get round to doing that until 2016, at the earliest.

    So, (and this is all conjecture on our part) assuming that LTiH Series 4 does get written in the first half of 2016, filming will take place in the second half of 2016 and won’t be aired until late 2016. Series 4 may well turn out to be a movie rather than a series with 6 episodes. On 29.11.2014, we saw on Twitter that Sally Wainwright gave a talk to the Overgate Hospice in Calderdale during which she revealed that Last Tango in Halifax is to be made into a film. How exciting. Nicola on the big screen. Yes!!! At the end of the day, whether Series 4 will have six episodes or one long movie is up to Sally Wainwright and the BBC. It will also depend on the respective schedules of the lead actors/actresses.

    We will keep you posted, both here and on Twitter.

    Frequently asked questions

    Its going to be a long wait for fans of the show. To help you while away the time, we have prepared this FAQ for the show. It occurred to us that in covering three Series of Last Tango in Halifax, we have amassed a lot of information and trivia about the show which are scattered in different places on this website. For your convenience, we will collect all these tidbits here.

    Table of Contents

    (in no particular order)

    Who is Alec Walker and why is Series 1 dedicated to him?

    Why was the show originally called “Anthony and Cleopatra”?

    The scribbles underneath each character’s name in the show’s opening credits – are they birthdays and if so, whose birthdays, each character or the actor/actress in question?

    About that Lexus convertible Alan and Celia bought as an engagement gift.

    Where can I download scripts from the show?

    Where are the filming locations?

    Has the role of a certain character been recast in Series 3?

    (these links will become live after we have extracted the relevant information)

    Got a question?

    If you have a question which is not covered here, please Email US and we will see what information we can find. Please do not do this by leaving a comment.

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