Shiner is a 2000 film set in the shady world of professional boxing which starred Michael Caine as a boxing promoter called “Billy “Shiner” Simpson”. Shiner is brash and ambitious and has everything riding on his son’s ability to win an important title bout. However, on what he thought was going to be the greatest day of his life, everything started to unravel, sending Shiner running from the police and seeking revenge.

Although the film includes Martin Landau in the cast, his appearance is nothing more than a cameo which appeared towards the end of the movie.

Nicola plays one of the detectives who was sent to question Shiner. However, she has very little onscreen time and hardly any dialogue.


You can view the screencaps for Shiner HERE.

Six degrees

Andy Serkis, a cast member, also appeared in episodes 301 and 302 of Touching Evil [TV] as well as episode 308 of Spooks [TV] where he played Riff the rock star whose son was kidnapped. Andy had many scenes with Nicola in Touching Evil [TV] but not in Spooks [TV].

Frances Barber, a cast member, also appeared on stage with Nicola in Tales of Vienna Woods [Stage] and in Aristophanes – The Gods are Laughing [TV].

Claire Rushbrook, a cast member, also appeared in 50 Revolutions [Stage] and is a good friend of Nicola’s in real life.

Josephine Butler, a cast member, also appeared in episode 606 of Spooks [TV]. Nicola did not appear in Series 6 of Spooks [TV].

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