Want a Liga original T Shirt?


One of our regular contributors, the wonderfully talented Liga, designed this T shirt to commemorate Nicola’s first nomination for a BAFTA TV Award. You can read the a report from the red carpet HERE.

A few fans have asked if it is possible for them to own one of these T shirts. We’ve discussed this with Liga who agreed that this is something which is potentially do-able if there is sufficient interest. So we’ve put together an “Expression of Interest” form which you can fill in and send back to us.

We are not taking orders at this time. You are not obliged to follow through with a purchase if you submit a form. We just want to find out how much interest there is from fans around the world. We will keep the form open for two weeks or so and then report back on this page. The price per T shirt will depend on how many T shirts we order from the supplier – obviously, the more we order, the lower the price per T shirt. The price of each T shirt will include a mark up of about US$5 to $10, all of which will go to Nicola’s nominated charity.

The T shirt will only be available in White, since that seems to work best with Liga’s cartoon character. We may limit the range of sizes from Medium to Extra Large. We will give further measurements if the project goes ahead. We will ship to anywhere in the world, but you will have to pay import duties (if any) and clear customs formalities. (Its only one little T shirt, but some countries can get all bureaucratic on you!)

All information collected in this form will be destroyed once a decision is taken as to whether or not we go ahead with a sale. We will not pass on your information to any other party, and we will never use your information to send you ads or spams.