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Nicola does the Guardian’s Q&A

The Guardian UK has finally done a Q&A with Nicola and you can read it HERE.

It’s a laugh out loud interview and has got the best responses from Nicola.

When we put together Q&As for the website, we deliberately avoided using the Guardian’s Q&A as a template because all these years, we’ve been waiting and hoping that they would get round to inviting Nicola to do this section. And now they have 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you, Guardian UK 😍😘

The bits we liked the most involve Nicola’s husband, Barnaby Kay. Here’s one :

“What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Parking my worries with my husband at 2am and leaving him blinking into the darkness while I sleep.”

Oh Nicola 😆Poor Barney 😘


2015 Q&A

2015 Q&A1

The last Q&A we did with Nicola was in September 2011. Since then, Nicola has gained a whole new fan base as a result of her role (as Gillian) in Last Tango in Halifax. We thought it may be time to try for another Q&A with her.


We must say first of all, we have not yet obtained Nicola’s consent to run this Q&A. She is a busy actress with a lot of work commitments and probably a million other things to attend to in her personal life. Whatever questions we collect from you will be handed to her for consideration during the weeks when she’s appearing on stage in A View from the Bridge at the Wyndham Theatre. She will probably need to rest up during the day in order to be in top shape for each evening’s performance. We will leave Nicola to decide whether she wants to answer some or all of the questions. If she declines to answer any questions, we will respect her decision and not badger her. From past experience, we know that Nicola is always happy to oblige whenever and wherever she can. Fingers crossed!

Some rules

Nicola will probably be more inclined to answer your questions if you make them interesting enough. So, what can you, or should you, ask her? Anything you like, but here are just a few rules :

1. Nothing too personal, please, e.g. size of any of her body parts; when’s her birthday, the exact date she got married etc. Her personal life is just that, personal to her and off limits to fans.

2. We would prefer the questions to be general in nature and not specifically about any character she has played in any shows (TV/Audio/Stage).

3. Please avoid questions about which is her favourite role to date, or her favourite leading man etc. Knowing her, she’d be too diplomatic to name any favourites.

What to ask?

Still not sure what to ask Nicola? Try some of the Q&As and interviews she’s done in the past, which you can find on this Page.

We will divide all questions collected into two groups : those which are interesting and which we think Nicola might like to answer, and those which the Editorial Team has censored but will show Nicola anyway.

As soon as we receive answers from Nicola, they will be posted on this website.

A small “Thank you” gift for the best question

If Nicola decides to answer any of your questions (from either or both groups), we will also let her choose the one which she regards as the best question. We will send a DVD box set of Last Tango in Halifax (Series 1-3) (Regions 2 and 4 compatible) to the person who asked that question as a “Thank You” gift. Hopefully we will have this signed by Nicola.

We will send the winner this little gift no matter where in the world he or she lives in. Shipping will be free but the recipient must be responsible for import duties or custom clearance (if applicable) imposed by the country where he or she lives in. It will also be up to the winner to find a DVD player which can play Regions 2 & 4 compatible DVDs. We will not send out any Region 1 DVDs.

If more than one person submitted the same or similar questions as the winning one, the person who was first in time to submit the question will get our little gift.

Go on, fill in and send us the form below. You can include as many questions as you like in one form, or you can fill in more than one form, on different days, each with a different question.

The closing date is 10 February 2015.

Email us

In case you are unable to submit the above form multiple times, or you require any clarification on what you can ask, you can always Email Us.

Update : 11 February 2015

Big thanks to everyone who has submitted questions. They range from the sublimely well thought out to the ridiculously funny. We will try our best to submit these to Nicola.

As soon as we have a reaction from Nicola, we will make an announcement here. Thanks again, everyone! 😀

Update : 10 March 2015

We have answers for you and you can read them on this Page.

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