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In this Post, we asked fans if they have questions they want to put to Nicola. We were going to see Nicola’s latest play, Di and Viv and Rose, and knew that we would have a chance to leave these questions with Nicola. We gave Nicola a few choices : Answer all of the questions, answer just some of the question, bin our list and we’ll never bring it up again. She gave us written answers to each and every question on the list.

General Questions

From Jodie, US

Q : If you could kiss ANY actor dead or alive, who would that be? (ex dead : Cary Grant)
A : Peter Firth, of course.

Q : If you could be a super hero, what would your power(s) be?
A : Obviously one would need to fly and be invisible but also be able to morph into other people, animals and inanimate objects.

From Dee Ann Lindsey, US

Q : Ever consider working across the pond?
A : I would love to but I’ve never had the opportunity.

Q : Do you think you should be included in the UK tourism budget as so many people from around the world come to see the plays in which you perform?
A : I think if you travel over a certain distance your theatre ticket should be free!

From Liga, Sweden

Q : What do you think of fans who’ve come from all over the world to see you on stage?
A : I am amazed that people travel such great distances to se theatre and I am very glad that they do.

From Dee Ann Lindsey, US

Q : I have a Dolly Parton autograph somewhere and would gladly trade it for yours, interested?
A : Yes, I have given [the Editor] mine [to be passed on to you], you send me Dolly.
[Ed : We have a signed photo of Nicola, so Dee Ann, please Email Us soon with your contact details and we will post this to you.]
[Update : 5 October 2011. We posted Nicola’s signed photo to Dee Ann from London on 1 October 2011. Dee Ann has just confirmed (via email) receipt of that photo.]

From the Editor

Q : In fact, is Dolly Parton still your favorite singer?
A : I will always love Dolly. I’m very faithful.

From Laura, US

Q : After being on Spooks almost from the very beginning, if you are offered other T. V. shows on which to star, what type of show are you most interested? (Same genre as Spooks? Maybe do a 180 and go with a comedy {going back to your roots on Chalk}? Something unlike anything you’ve tried before?)
A : After Spooks I will go out and audition for roles like all the other actresses out there and hope that something unique, like Ruth, comes my way. I don’t worry about the genre, I just worry about getting the job.

Q : Do you plan to continue with T.V., stick with theatre for a while, or maybe try out the big screen? Or even some combination of the three?
A : Its out of my hands. I will chase parts I want and try to convince those auditioning me that I’m the actress they want.

From @The DeepFatFryer via Twitter (someone who we thought was David Wolstencroft (creator of Spooks) but @The DeepFryerFat has since denied this)

Q : Do you have a deep fryer?
A : David! Is that you? Come over and I’ll show you my Deep Fat Fryer!

From Amber, US

Q : Has there been a time in your life when you wanted to do something other than acting? If so what did you want to pursue? If not, when did you decide acting was for you?
A : I’ve always wanted to act. There are times when I wish I had the skills to do something else, but I don’t.

From the Editor

Q : Did you ever have to take other jobs whilst waiting for the next acting gig and if so, what was/were some of these and how bad were they?
A : I’ve always worked as an actress.

From Amber, US

Q : Of all the characters you have portrayed, which one can you most identify with? (theatre or film)
A : Whichever one I’m presently playing is the character I identify with most, so at the moment its Viv in Di and Viv and Rose. She’s a very angry girl. I get that.

From Liga, Sweden

Q : Favourite role you have played on stage or film?
A : I like whichever role I’m playing at the time but I know that in the future my answer to this question will be Ruth Evershed.

From Amber, US

Q : Will there ever be a Big Town All Stars [Radio] reunion? Please say yes Please say yes Please say yes. You are BRILLIANT!
[Editor : The Big Town All Stars is a totally brilliant show and I’m glad the BBC has been repeating it annually since 2008. They should turn this into a TV sitcom, kind of like Glee for grownups.]
A : That would be great. I would love to do more but I fear its not on the cards.

From Rita, Hungary

Q : With whom (actor or actress) did you enjoy playing the most, either on stage or on TV?
A : I’ve enjoyed every second with Peter Firth and I think that shows on screen.

From the Editor

Q : How did you end up getting that gig doing a voice over for a computer game, The Witcher 2?
A : They heard my voice tape and asked me to do it. It was a new medium for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Q : Do you know what happened to the guy who played your singing partner in 4 Weddings?
A : I bumped into him years ago and he was producing music very successfully.

Q : Can you talk about the rumours that you nearly joined Wire in the Blood before your return to Spooks in Series 8?
A : Yes, that is not true!

From Liga, Sweden

Q : Do you usually watch yourself on TV?
A : It really depends on the project – I am watching this series of Spooks.

Q : What is your hidden talent?
A : Long distance sea swimming. You wouldn’t beat me.

Q : What is your favourite flower?
A : Daffodils.

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