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  • Update : 25 January 2013

    Its official, Nicola will not be joining the cast in the show’s West End transfer.

    This item from Whats On Stage confirms what we have suspected for weeks : Nicola will not be joining the rest of the cast in the play’s transfer to the West End in March 2013. (Thank you, AgentP, for the link.) Her part, Christopher’s mother Judy, will be taken over by Holly Aird, who was in Torn [TV] with Nicola.

    We are disappointed, but that probably means Nicola will be busy with filming work on her various TV shows 🙂 Turn the page and read all the information we have amassed on the play when Nicola was still in it.

    Read the Book

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    There is a special edition of the book to accompany the National Theatre’s production of this play.

    Order from Amazon US

    The play is not available as a DVD. The National Theatre does not release any of its NT Live plays as DVDs.


    Radio Times Q & A

    In the issue of the Radio Times which was published in the UK on 18 October 2011, they included a most entertaining Q & A session with Nicola. A lot of regular visitors to this fansite have already accessed this article yesterday following tweets made by us on Twitter, or posts logged on one of the Spooks related forums. The scan is tucked under the Galleries=>Articles=>Spooks=>Spooks Series 10 section. Since this article is required reading for all Nicola fans, we thought we’d make it easier for you to find it by logging a separate post. Here it is :

    click on the scan to view a larger image of this article

    As always, the answers given by Nicola show what a warm, funny and genuine person she is in real life. She should do more interviews!

    (Thanks to Lisa for providing us with this scan.)

    Update : 23 October 2011

    The online edition of this Radio Times Q&A is now available HERE.


    Nicola on Christmas

    Towards the end of 2007 when Nicola was doing publicity for Oliver Twist (she played Sally), she gave an interview to Whats on TV where she talked about her views on Christmas. The video of this short interview used to be available on the Whats on TV website, but sadly they must have archived the video because the link is no longer live. So for the benefit of fans who are interested in Nicola’s views on Christmas, here is a transcript of that interview.

    Interviewer (“Int”) : What are you planning this Christmas?

    NW : Erm, I don’t know, cos I’m in that awful phase, that thing where you’re all rowing. I’m rowing with my husband, I’m rowing with my dad, his rowing with his brother, about where we go. That for me has now slightly become Christmas, where you row about where you’re driving, for how long, for what day. And its like having trumps, cards, where you sort of swap them. I’ll swap you Boxing Day for Christmas Day if you do the Christmas Eve. I don’t know where I’m going to be, but I know that I’ll probably be in a car, driving somewhere, for most of it.

    Int : Who usually wins, these Christmas disputes?

    NW : (Smiles) Me, yeah.

    Int : So you know where you’re going to be?

    NW : I do, secretly, (laughs), I know exactly where I’m going to be, on Christmas Day. (Nods) yep.

    Int : And what do you particularly like or dislike about Christmas?

    NW : I think I really like the build up to Christmas, that’s fantastic, putting the tree up is brilliant, and then everything from about 11 o’clock on Christmas morning, it starts going downhill for me. Then its all the law of diminishing returns after that, after you’ve opened the presents, its all downhill. But then you’ve also got New Year’s to look forward to, when one could get raucously drunk and embarrass oneself in front of one’s family.

    Int : Or you could start getting drunk on Christmas Day …

    NW : Well I’ll obviously, actually, be watching Oliver Twist, that’s what I’ll be doing.

    (This was three years before Nicola knew that she was going to be in Season’s Greetings at the National in 2010!)

    Update 12 December 2010

    National Theatre/Season’s Greetings Cast Interview

    The National Theatre has just put up a video of interview of the cast of Season’s Greetings, with their thoughts on Christmas. You can watch the video here, by clicking on “cast interview”. Nicola was interviewed together with Oliver Chris at the beginning of this video. In case the video is not available to non-UK IP addresses, or becomes unavailable, here is a transcript of that interview :

    Oliver Chris : We eat turkey.
    NW : We do that as well, I think we often do that.
    OC : Do You?
    NW : Do you listen to Phil Spector’s Greatest Christmas Hits?
    OC : I love that, I love that, that is the best album.
    NW : That is, isn’t it.
    OC : I was going to give everyone that for first night presents, I won’t bother now.
    NW : I think we are really traditional in my family. I don’t think we do anything strange. We adhere to all the …
    OC : Do you argue?
    NW : We do all the things you’re meant to do at Christmas.
    OC : Argue, fight, watch telly
    NW : Yeah, argue, fight, laugh, reminisce …
    OC : Stuff your face until you can’t eat any more.
    NW : Yeah …
    OC : With a chocolate orange …
    NW : Yep, we keep eating.

    For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.


    Nicola Walker : Foodie!

    Nicola was recently interviewed by the Financial Times for their Food & Drink Section. You can read the article, published on 26 November 2010, here.

    As always, interesting and amusing tidbits (or should that be morsels?) of information. Nicola’s answers are refreshingly honest and down to earth. She sounds like a real person, compared to the rail thin actresses who only inhale air for sustenance!

    Come on, writers and producers, Nicola is waaaayyyy over due for a lead role in a comedy! Ms. Catherine Tate, do you think you can help?

    For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.


    The 2010 Ian Wylie Interview

    Ian Wylie is one of the most respected journalists in the UK who writes about its entertainment industry. He is also a Spooks fan and has kept other Spooks fans highly entertained, in the past few years, with his interviews with members of the Spooks cast and his previews of forthcoming episodes of Spooks.

    On 5th October 2010, Ian published an interview with Nicola which is a must-read for all Nicola Walker fans. Nicola has not done a lot of interviews in recent years. Of the interviews which she has given in the recent past, she spoke mostly about the characters she played and very little else about her private life. In the Ian Wylie interview, Nicola was very candid about her character in Spooks, Ruth Evershed, the reaction from fans she’s met and a little about her other projects, such as Being Human and Season’s Greetings.

    You can access the interview HERE.

    For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.