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Spooks S10 R1 DVD release

Finally, we have news of the Region 1 release of Series 10. This press release from the BBC was taken from Tv Shows on DVD website

A fiery farewell! Never shown on television, the final season of the hugely successful, long-running BBC drama reaches a thrilling conclusion in six riveting hour-long episodes. The crack counter-terrorism unit of the British Secret Service tries desperately to mend relations in the US and Middle East, while the squad tracks down a known anarchist who may be building a dirty bomb in London.

The Bafta-winning, international hit spy drama returns for a nail-biting tenth and final series. With the truth about Lucas North finally revealed, and following his rooftop showdown at the end of the last series, Harry is facing some complicated questions about the future of Section D as well as some skeletons from his own past.

Relationships between the CIA and MI5 have never been more strained, but add the Russian secret service to the mix and Harry and his team have a power timebomb on their hands. Fast-paced, tense and exhilarating, the latest series sees the team tested to their limits as the pressure is on to stop whoever is attacking the fledgling relationship between Britain and Russia.

The BBC is scheduling a DVD release in the USA and Canada of MI-5 – Volume 10, making its debut on March 6th! The 2-disc set running approx. 360 minutes contains the final 6 episodes of the program, at a cost of $29.98 SRP.

A few things for US fans to note :

  • The R1 DVDs have a different cover image. It includes the rest of the team, not just Harry and Ruth as was the case with the R2 DVDs. This is possibly because both Max Brown and Lara Pulver have a higher profile in the US market than Nicola or Peter Firth.
  • The press release indicates that the box set will include only 2 discs which cover the 6 episodes. There is no mention of the two featurettes (Harry’ Game and The Top 10 Spooks Moments) which were available as part of the R2 DVDs. The S9 R1 DVDs were also released without the R2 extra features and episode commentaries. US fans who want to have their own copies of the two featurettes on DVD will have to think about buying the R2 DVDs.

Order from Amazon US

Order the box set from Amazon US and help us raise money for Nicola’s favourite charity, the M S Society of the UK. Its simple. Just click on the link provided below and you will be taken to the Amazon US website. From there, simply put the DVD box set into your shopping cart and complete your purchase within the next 90 days. However, if you change your mind and delete this item from your shopping cart but add it back in without first clicking on the link provided below (or elsewhere in this fansite), the cookie trail will be lost and we will not earn a commission on that sale.


Spooks Series 10 Competition

There are a number of competitions being staged on various websites in connection with the release of Spooks Series 10 on Region 2 DVD.

Ain’t It Cool News (British edition) and Digital Spy both ran competitions which have now finished.

Whats on TV is currently running a competition.

The biggest one of all is that being staged on the Facebook page of Universal Playback which you can access HERE. You can read more about that competition and view a number of trailers for the DVD Extras in our Post HERE.


That’s right, we have been allocated prizes to give away in connection with Series 10. You can read details of our competition HERE.

Now, you may find it easier to enter into some of the other competitions, which simply require you to retweet news of their competition or like their Facebook pages. With our competition, you have to do a little more work, like fill in a form and answer one simple multiple choice question. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Just think of the fabulous prizes you can win.

The one thing which all these competitions have in common is that they’re restricted to just UK fans only. I know that this sounds a little unfair to the millions of non-UK Spooks fans, but that requirement comes direct from the sponsor, Universal Playback, and there’s nothing we can do about it. 🙁

For all UK fans, ENTER NOW!

Update : 2 December 2011

Entries are coming in nice and steady since we announced the competition a couple of days ago. However, there have been a few incorrect entries :

  • You are required to give us your FULL name. We have one entry where only the first name was given and another entry where only initials were given.
  • You are required to select one answer to our multiple choice question. If you picked two answers, your entry will be disqualified.
  • The correct answer to our multiple choice question is readily available elsewhere on the internet. We have received at least two entries with incorrect answers.

We’re going to be generous and allow those of you who made mistakes in their entries to try, just one more time. If you think that the entry you’ve already submitted might be invalid because of one of the reasons set out above, you can send in a second entry so that you can correct your mistakes. Just ONCE!

Update : 12 December 2011

Our competition is now closed. The winner will be announced here on 15 December 2011. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry 😀

Update : 15 December 2011

We have a winner – its Kirsten T from Edinburgh. Congratulations. Read more HERE.

Meet the winner!

Here’s Kirsten, the lucky Spooks fan who won our recent competition and now owns all of the fabulous prizes shown in the pic below. Thanks, Kirsten, for sending us the pics and agreeing to share these with other Spooks fans. 😀


Spooks S10 R2 DVD Release

The Region 2 DVD box set for Series 10 of Spooks has been released in the UK on 28 November 2011. The Region 2 DVD is also payable as a Region 4 DVD – see page 2 for more info.

As far as we are aware, the above images are the official images of the DVD cover. This is the first time that Nicola is featured so prominently on the cover of a Spooks DVD box set.

DVD Extras

Extras for the Region 2 DVD box set include :

  • Top 10 Spooks moments, as chosen by cast and crew
  • Episode 1 commentary with Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Writers) and Chris Fry (Producer)
  • Episode 6 commentary with Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Writers) and Bharat Nalluri (Director)
  • A featurette titled “Harry’s Game”.

Nicola was not asked to do any of the audio commentaries for this DVD box set. We have also been informed that she will not be available to do any interviews in connection with the DVD release.

US fans take note : Kudos has a habit of leaving the DVD extras out of the Region 1 DVD release, so you should seriously consider buying the Region 2 DVD box set if you wish to watch all the extras.

You can read more about Harry’s Game and the Top 10 Spooks Moments on page 2.

Trailer for the DVD release


We may be offered one or more prizes to give away as part of the publicity to be generated in connection with the DVD release. We are still waiting to receive further information from the relevant sources. Once we know, we will set out details of a competition here. We ran a similar competition back in March 2011 in connection with the Series 8 R2 DVD release.

Follow us on Twitter in order to receive all up to date news relating to competitions which we may run.

Update : 22 November 2011

Universal Playback has launched a Spooks S10 DVD competition and you can enter via its Facebook page.

You have to be logged in to your Facebook account in order to see the details relating to this competition. Once you’re logged in and “liked” that page, you will see that you have to collect four codes in order to complete the entry form. The first two codes have already been published and this Facebook page will give you links as to where you can find them. Universal Playback have not yet announced where the last two codes can be found, so you should check back on this Facebook page often.

After you have successfully lodged an entry form, your name will be entered into a lucky draw. There are lots of very interesting prizes being offered. Go and check it out now!

Digital Spy and Whats on TV are also running Spooks Series 10 DVD competitions.

Update : 30 November 2011

Our own Competition!

You can read the details of our very own Spooks S10 DVD competition HERE.

Order from Amazon UK

Order the box set from Amazon UK and help us raise money for Nicola’s favourite charity, the M S Society of the UK. Its simple. Just click on the link provided below and you will be taken to the Amazon UK website. From there, simply put the DVD box set into your shopping cart and complete your purchase within the next 90 days. However, please note that if later on, you delete this item from your shopping cart and add it back in without first clicking on the link provided below (or elsewhere in this fansite), the cookie trail will be lost and we will not earn a commission on that sale.


Pie in the Sky S5 R1 DVD released

At long last, Series 5 of Pie in the Sky will be released on Region 1 DVD. Amazon US has listed the release date as 2 August 2011 and is currently taking pre-orders. For a long time, all of the first four series of this beloved 90s UK sitcom has been available on Region 1 DVD. Some unknown problem has held up the release of Series 5 on Region 1 DVD, until now.

There is still no news on when Pie in the Sky will be available again on Region 2 DVD. At the moment, a small quantity of the original 5 series box set, and copies of the individual series, are available from Amazon UK, though at ridiculously high prices as they are being sold as collector’s items.

Nicola guest starred in the penultimate episode of Series 5. See our write up of this programme in the Pie in the Sky Guide page.

Buy from Amazon US

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Spooks S9 DVD Competition

We have a winner!!!

The competition closed on 17 March 2011. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an entry. We received many entries from the US, UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Spooks and Nicola fans are truly an international crowd!

The Answers

The answer to Question 1 was episode 907. Nicola provided audio commentary to only one episode for the Series 9 box set. This was mentioned in this Post.

The answer to Question 2 was TWO featurettes only. Again, this was mentioned in this Post.

We were a little disappointed to see a fairly large number of incorrect entries, mostly wrong answers to Question 2. For the Series 9 box set, there were two featurettes plus audio commentaries for two episodes (901 & 907). In order to avoid confusion over whether the audio commentaries should be considered a featurette, we specifically started question 2 by saying, “apart from the audio commentaries …”. On 11 March 2011, we gave you a chance to correct your entries, by posting an update on this page, as well as posting a Tweet about it. Sadly, no one took up our offer for you to amend your answer.

So, after all that’s been said and done, we put all of the entries into a hat and came up with a winner and it is :

Kerry D of the UK

We have emailed Kerry to congratulate her.

THANK YOU once again for your support of Spooks, Nicola and this fan site.
Read more about the competition on page 2.


Spooks Region 2 DVD box sets re-issued

Spooks Region 2 DVD box sets

On 28 February 2011, the entire Series 1 to 8 Region 2 DVD box sets for Spooks will be re-issued.

The company which used to produce the Spooks DVD box sets for Kudos was Contender Home Entertainment Group. Contender was taken over by E1 Entertainment Group (“E1”) in July 2007. Since existing stock of the old Spooks DVD box sets was getting low, we assume that E1 took this opportunity to re-issue the Series 1 to 8 box sets which now shows the new name of the Group which produced the box sets. We believe this is why in recent months, fans were unable to order old DVD box sets from vendors such as Amazon.

The good news is that the box sets are once again available to fans. The bad news is that most of the box sets will be re-issued at a new price of between £25.99 to £29.99. The lone exception being Series 1, which will be re-issued at a very reasonable £12.99. This is unfortunate since up until late 2010, one could still purchase Series 1 to 7 DVD box sets for Spooks at the very reasonable price of £11.99.

It would appear that no new artwork will be used for the re-issued DVD box sets. It is unlikely that the re-issued  box sets will contain new or additional Extras. Features such as the episode commentaries would have been done at the time the show was filming and if an Extra isn’t already there, then it would be difficult to come up with it now, so many years after the fact. In addition, to request an actor to participate in an Extra, it would have been written into his contract. So again, if the requirement was not previously there, it would be highly unlikely for Kudos to renegotiate an old contract just so that an actor/actress is asked to come back and do more Extras.

One would hope that with the re-issued Series 1 to 8 box sets, they will take the trouble to re-do the navigation menus in the earlier series, which were not only clunky (remember that stupid spy having to break into the grid and no one knowing quite where to click in order to access a particular feature?) but looks very outdated by now. If you have trouble navigating the clunky menus or locating the Extras in the earlier series, checkout HERE.

The Spooks Series 9 DVD box set will be released by Universal Playback. You can read about that release HERE.

Update 27 February 2011

As of today, Series 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 are selling on Amazon UK at £12.50, that is, more or less the same price before the re-issue. Better grab these whilst you ca, because the prices on Amazon go up and down like a yo-yo on a daily basis. £12.50 per series is a very reasonable price for 6 to 10 episodes of top quality writing and acting. Remember, the low prices only apply once you’ve checked out your shopping cart, not whilst the item remains in your shopping cart/wishlist.

Availability on Amazon UK

Here are the links to the re-issued box sets which are available on Amazon. If you click on these links and complete the purchase within a specified time, this fansite will earn a small commission which will be donated towards charity. Read about the Shop for Charity feature HERE.

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Spooks Series 9 DVD news

Amazon UK has a short video, lasting about 1:06 minutes, which shows many cast members talking about Series 9. Once you’re on the Amazon webpage, click underneath the product image to bring up the video. It shows a brief glimpse of Nicola, in her dressing room, with Peter Firth, talking about the general tone of Series 9.

The UK/Region 2 DVD boxset of Series 9 is still on schedule to be released, in the UK, on 28 February 2011, and is listed at £25.99.

This post will be updated as more news about the DVD extras become available. For this Series, the DVD Extras are produced by Helen James Productions, and will include an analysis of Harry and Ruth’s relationship!

Update : 21 January 2011

From the CultBox website comes news of the Series 9 DVD extras and they include :

  • a feature called “The Cost of being a Spy”
  • a feature called “The Downfall of Lucas North” and
  • episode commentaries with Nicola Walker, executive producer Andrew Woodhead, Sam Vincent, Jon Brackley and writer Anthony Neilson

It is unclear from this report how many episodes will Nicola be providing a commentary.

Update : 5 February 2011

Universal Playback are doing the Spooks Series 9 DVD extras in conjunction with Helen James Productions. Its website has a page on Spooks which gives very brief cast biographies and episode guides for Series 9. The most interesting bits from this website are these photos :

taken from the Universal Playback website

And this photo :

taken from the Universal Playback website

which is the alternative shot for this photo, released by the BBC at the start of Series 9 back in September 2010 :

released by the BBC

Update : 24 February 2011

Access the CultBox webpage for more cast interviews HERE.

There has also been a rather unfavorable review of the Series 9 DVD box set from CultBox which you can read HERE. From this review, it would appear that Nicola will be providing commentary for only one episode.

Universal Playback has also created a brand new online game to coincide with the release of Series 9 on DVD on 28 February 2011. Apparently, becomeaspook.com features never-before seen footage from the Spooks cast. Have fun!


Update : 25 February 2011

New trailer to go with the DVD release on 28 February 2011


Update : 26 February 2011

From various lucky fans who have already received their copies of Series 9 from Amazon: Nicola provides audio commentary for episode 907, together with executive producer, Andrew Woodhead. As always, it is a  most entertaining commentary.

Update : 27 February 2011

Thanks to Lady J on the Spooks forum, you can watch an interview with Richard Armitage and Nicola Walker, conducted by MSN, where they talk a little about Series 9 HERE.

Update : 1 March 2011

Here is the YouTube version of Nicola’s interview on MSN


HERE are screencaps of Nicola from that interview.

Nicola and Peter Firth did a short interview with Paris and George of Heart Radio which you can listen HERE.
There are interviews on CultBox and Digital Spy where Peter Firth talked about Spooks generally and Series 9 in particular.

Ruth on cover of Disk 2

Update 9 March 2011

Just noticed that my Region 2 DVD box set says on the back that the discs are both Regions 2 and 4 compatible! Aussie fans take note.

Update 11 March 2011

CultBox has a series of interviews with two Spooks scriptwriters, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, about their experiences in writing for Series 9 and what might be in store for Series 10. Must read!

Update 1 April 2011

Region 1 DVD box set will be released on 12 July 2011, priced at US$27.99. Click on the link provided below to buy your copy from Amazon US and help us earn a small commission which will be donated to a charity to be nominated by Nicola.


HERE is a competition where you can win a copy of the Spooks S9 DVD box set which has been signed by Peter Firth and Nicola Walker. Good luck!


Buy Spooks Series 9 from Amazon UK

Buy MI5/Spooks Series 9 from Amazon US

To buy other series of Spooks in which Nicola appeared as a cast member, check out our Shop page.


Nicola on cover of Spooks Series 8 US DVD Boxset

Finally, after all these years, Kudos have included Nicola in a prominent position on the cover of a Spooks DVD Boxset – see the cover of the US Series 8 DVD boxset above. THANK YOU Kudos and the BBC! Though it does beg the question, why wasn’t Nicola included in the cover art for the UK/Region 2 release of Series 8 back in September 2010?

Being featured on the cover of the Region 1 DVD boxset will, we hope, raise Nicola’s profile with the US entertainment industry once more, i.e. amongst fans, US casting agents, writers and directors. Warner Brothers has recently invested US$100 million in the studios which they have been using for the Harry Potter series. This can only mean that there will be more US productions to be made in the UK. Quite independently of this investment, there are already many US movies, mini series and TV shows being filmed and produced in the UK at the moment. There has to be a part, or two or three, amongst all this activity for Nicola! The last time Nicola had such a high profile associated with a show was in the Touching Evil days.

Nicola was also on the cover of the Series 5 DVD boxset when it was released in the US. However, it was in a less prominent position and most  of the other cast members were also featured. There are a number of other firsts for this US release :

  • Series 8 of MI-5 (as the show is known in the US) will be released in January 2011, which is way faster than any of the previous seven series has been released in the US and
  • Priced at US$27.99, this is much cheaper than the UK/Region 2 version which was released back in September and currently still priced at £25.69 on Amazon UK.

The UK/Region 2 DVD boxset of Series 8 had very little in terms of interesting DVD extras. Via a tweet from bccmee, it would appear that the same is true for the US/Region 1 DVD boxset of Series 8.

Here’s hoping that the Extras included with the DVD boxset for Series 9 will feature much more contribution from Nicola. It has to, since she consistently acted every one else off the screen in Series 9 😀

Buy Spooks Series 8 from Amazon US

Buy Spooks Series 8 from Amazon UK

To buy other series of Spooks in which Nicola appeared as a cast member, check out our Shop page.