Spooks S9 DVD Competition



Winner will be announced on this page on 19 March 2011.

The Prize

One (1) copy of the Spooks Series 9 Region 2 DVD box set which has been signed by both Peter Firth and Nicola Walker!


1.    This competition is open to Spooks fans wherever you reside in the world. However :

(a)    Please note that the prize is a Region 2 DVD and will only play on a DVD player which is capable of playing Region 2 DVDs.

(b)    We must be permitted by the laws of the place where you live (i) to offer you a prize in a competition of this kind, (ii) you must be permitted to import a Region 2 DVD as the prize, if you are the winner and (iii) you shall be responsible for payment of all import duties, if any, when the prize is sent to you.

2.    You will be required to answer 2 questions,

(a)    one relating to Nicola Walker and
(b)    one relating to Spooks.

In order to win, you must submit correct answers to both questions. Answers to these questions can be found on this fan site.

We are running this competition in tandem with the fan sites listed below. Each fan site will offer one copy of the same prize . To be fair to all Spooks fans, we would ask that you submit only one entry per fan site.

3.    The questions will be posted on 3  March 2011 and you will have until midnight (GMT) 17 March 2011 to send in your entries by email. In addition to the answers, you should also state in your entry

(i) your full name

(ii) country of residence, which will be the country to which the prize will be delivered if you win, and

(iii) the name by which you wish to use, if you are named as the winner.

Please use [this form](link removed) to submit your entries. To catch up on all the trailers and interviews which Spooks stars have given in connection with the release of Series 9 on DVD, go HERE.

4.    There will be one winner only per fan site. In case of multiple correct entries, the winner’s name will be drawn out of a hat by the administrator of each fan site. Only the name and country of residence of each winner will be published on each fan site on 19 March 2011.

5.    The decision of each fan site administrator will be final. All entries and names and particulars of entrants will be destroyed after the competition has concluded.

6.    For the purposes of complying with relevant laws in some jurisdictions, a monetary value of £0.001 is assigned to the prize in this competition.

7.    By submitting an entry, you will be regarded as having read and accepted these Rules.

The prize for this competition has been made available to us by Romley Davies Publicity (‘RDP’), the firm responsible for publicity relating to the release of Spooks Series 9 on DVD. We wish to take this opportunity to thank RDP for making it possible for us to stage this competition for all Spooks fans!

Peter Firth fansite
Spooks Lexicon

Please be sure to read the rules on each of these fan sites, as they may be slightly different on each fan site. In particular, note that the RichardArmitageNet competition has different opening and closing dates.

The Questions

1. As part of the Series 9 DVD box set extras, for which episode in Series 9 does Nicola provide an audio commentary?

2. Apart from audio commentaries, how many special features are included in the Series 9 DVD box set? (Just give us a number, no need to give titles of the featurettes).

Use [this form](link removed) to submit your answers

About the Series 9 DVD release

We have a round up of all news, videos and interviews done by Spooks cast members HERE.

Update : 11 March 2011

Thanks for all of your entries so far. Keep them coming, as you still have 6 more days to submit an entry.

A small number of the entries we have received so far contain wrong answers, to either or both of the Questions. Please go over the materials available on this fan site again, read the Questions carefully, and check the answers which you have already given. If you believe that you may have given one or more wrong answers, you have one chance to submit a second entry. However, note that we will take the later entry as your official entry. In other words, if you got it right the first time but decide to send in another entry, this time with wrong answers, the second entry will take precedence!

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