Spooks S10 R2 DVD Release

Update : 6 December 2011

Good news for Aussie fans of Spooks! As with Series 9, the Region 2 DVDs for Spooks Series 10 is also playable as Region 4 DVDs. Check out the back cover image – the 4th image in the gallery below.

Harry’s Game

This is a description of the Harry’s Game featurette, taken from the official press release for the Spooks Series 10 DVD release :

Have you ever wondered what makes Harry tick, what events previously hidden in his past have moulded him in to the man he is today, then take a look at the outstanding extras which investigate the man at the helm of Spooks for ten years. Peter Firth and Nicola Walker discuss the dramatic storylines which shaped their time on the show and reveal special behind the scenes footage of their long-standing relationship.

Screencaps from Harry’s Game

Top 10 Spooks Moments

The top 10 Spooks moments, as chosen by the Cast and Crew of Spooks are :

10. Adam rescuing Ros – Episode 608
9. Tom’s decommissioning – Episode 302
8. Bomb at Ellie’s house – Episode 106
7. Ruth leaving – Episode 505
6. Zoe leaves – Episode 306
5. Connie kills Ben – Episode 708
4. Colin’s Death – Episode 501
3. Adam’s Death – Episode 701
2. Lisa Faulkner, Deep Fryer – Episode 102
1. Danny’s Death – Episode 310

Different members of the Cast or Crew introduces each moment, although Nicola does appear in items 7, 5 and 2.

Screencaps of Nicola from the Top 10 moments

Trailer from the DVD Extra : Top 10 Spooks Moments

This teaser clip has been released by Universal Playback on YouTube. Enjoy!

Order the DVD from Amazon UK

Order the box set from Amazon UK and help us raise money for Nicola’s favourite charity, the M S Society of the UK. Its simple. Just click on the link provided below and you will be taken to the Amazon UK website. From there, simply put the DVD box set into your shopping cart and complete your purchase within the next 90 days. However, please note that if later on, you delete this item from your shopping cart and add it back in without first clicking on the link provided below (or elsewhere in this fansite), the cookie trail will be lost and we will not earn a commission on that sale.

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