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6 March 2013 Whats on TV : Interview with Polly Walker
11 March 2013 Radio Times has a preview clip of Series 2 and a picture gallery which includes two pics of Nicola
12 March 2013 the Custard TV has an interview with the creator and writer of Prisoners Wives, Julie Gearey. This is the only interview where Nicola’s role in this Series gets a specific mention.

And of course you’ve got Anne Reid and Nicola Walker.
Yes! I was so excited to get both of them.

Did you have them both in mind when you were writing the characters?
Well with Nicola we knew we needed a cop that could stand up to Polly Walker. If we had a male cop Francesca would use her sexuality so you’d know what those scenes would be. So we thought it would be good to get a really clever, intelligent female detective to go head to head with her. Nicola Walker is such an intelligent actor and she came into our heads very quickly. I saw her in A Mother’s Son, she played a cop in that and you believe her. She brings such a gravitas to it but she’s also quite playful.

17 March 2013 WhatCulture! has an interview with Pippa Haywood

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Script Download

The scrip for Series 2 Episode 1 is available for download in the BBC Writers’ Room website.

Thank you, Ana, for the heads up.

Awards and Nominations

Update : 26 March 2013

Julie Geary, the writer for this show, has been nominated in the 2013 BAFTA Craft Awards in the category : Television Craft/Breakthrough Talent in 2013. See the complete list of nominees HERE.


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Six Degrees

Iain Glenn, a cast member, was in Spooks [TV] series 9 but he did not have any scenes with Nicola in that series.

Pippa Haywood, a cast member, has not worked with Nicola prior to this show. However, Pippa was in Without You, a 2012 TV mini series which also featured Barnaby Kay, Nicola’s husband. Pippa also has an occasional role in Scott & Bailey [TV].

Adrian Rawlins, a cast member, also appeared in Spooks 307 as Andrew Forrestal, a former acquaintance who almost got Ruth Evershed killed. However, Adrian does not have any scenes in Prisoners Wives with Nicola.

Anne Reid who has a recurring role in Series 2 was also in Last Tango in Halifax with Nicola.

Polly Walker, a cast member, has not worked with Nicola prior to this show. However, Polly is married to Laurence Penry-Jones, brother of Rupert Penry-Jones who was Nicola’s co-star in Spooks [TV] for series 3, 4 & 5. Nicola has told a couple of our correspondents that she thinks Polly is a brilliant actress. Nicola was once asked if they were sister and she was tempted to say yes! [Ed : no, Polly Walker and Nicola are not related. Nicola, you shouldn’t be saying this. Fans have enough trouble trying to distinguish between you and Anna Maxwell Martin (see this Fun Fact)!]

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