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Some of this information has been gathered from third party sources on the web and may not be 100% accurate. If you know different, Email Us or leave a comment below and we will make corrections. A big THANK YOU to all the lovely folks who have been feeding us location information via email. πŸ˜€

Episode 1
  • At the start of episode 1 Caroline is having coffee with Celia and William in Manchester Town Hall, in the Sculpture Hall Cafe. You can find out more about this location via this Link and this Link. (Thank you, Sibby, for this info.)
  • The exterior of Gillian’s farm is in Rochdale. This page has more a bit more info on the farm.
  • Blackshaws Cafe in Hebden Bridge was where they shot the cafe scenes between Alan and Celia.
  • The car chase scenes took place in Skipton.
  • The car crash scene took place in the market place in Stockport (Thank you, Anthony W, for this info.)
  • The Bolton School was the location used for the school where Caroline is headmistress.
  • Caroline’s house is in St Johns Road, Altrincham.
  • The car park scene where Caroline and Gillian had a row over parking space was filmed outside the Riverhead Tap, Peel Street, Marsden.

The Manchester Musings Blog has a more detailed breakdown of the various locations used to shoot Episode 1.

Episode 2
  • Boss Auto’s on Heywood Street, Bury was where they filmed the car showroom scene when Alan and Celia decided to purchase a Lexus sports car. (Thank you, Peter F for this info.)

By the way, if you don’t already know, a Lexus convertible sports model can go from coupe to hard top in a matter of seconds. More info HERE. Most of the high end sports cars have this function these days. πŸ™‚

Episode 3
  • Anthony W reckons that the place where Alan and Celia got locked in by mistake was actually Bramall Hall not Southowram Hall. Sibby also believes that the location was Bramall Hall. One source on Twitter said that it was Oakwell Hall. Eagle-eyed reader, Alison D, has pointed out to us that in this Yorkshire Post Magazine article, Sally Wainwright said that the couple was locked in Shibden Hall. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions! πŸ™‚
  • In this episode, Caroline phones Kate who was out shopping. Kate wanders past a long, curved, terraced civic-looking building. She’s on Le Mans Crescent in Bolton town centre. (Thank you, Sibby, for this info.)
  • Watch a brief behind-the-scene location shot of how they did the car explosion scene on this Facebook page. Nicola loves her job, that much is obvious from this clip!

For links to some pics of location shots, head over to this Post (in particular, read the February 2012 Updates). We also have links to some newspaper articles about the location filming of this show on page 4 of this Post.

In this article from the Halifax Courier, we learn that the following locations were used in the filming of series 1 :

Locations used in the last series were Hebden Bridge (for location of β€œSkipton” car parks); Sowerby Bridge Railway Station; Ripponden (exterior church); Heptonstall (flashback) and various roads around Mytholmroyd along with scenic shots showing landmarks such as Wainhouse Tower.

Andy Morgan is one of the location managers on the production team, and in these tweets, he confirmed that notwithstanding the title of the show, nothing was shot on location in Halifax.

click to see a larger image

click to see a larger image

In these tweets, Andy Morgan confirmed that whilst the exterior of Gillian’s farm house was taken in Rochdale, the interior scenes were actually filmed on a set.

click to see a larger image

click to see a larger image

In August 2013, Lucy went and visited the farm which is used for Gillian’s farm. Read her report on this Page.

This Blog has similar information on various shooting locations used for this show, complete with comparison photos.

Series 1 Dedication


The above image appeared at the end of episode 6, just before the main credits rolled. Alec Walker was the man who was reunited with writer Sally Wainwright’s mother after not having contact with each other for 60 years. They subsequently married. So Alec Walker is Sally Wainwright’s real life step dad and the inspiration for Alan Buttershaw. For more about this story, and to see a photo of Alec Walker, read either Sally Wainwright’s article in the Daily Mail or the article in the Yorkshire Post Magazine.

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For fun stuff about Series 1, such as what’s written underneath the cast credits in the opening scene, a Link to download the script for Episode 1, Six Degrees connection and DVD news, please turn to this Page.

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