We met Nicola!

We have permission from some fans who have met Nicola to post their photos on this fansite. Here are the rules (very simple, just two) :

(1) People have different views on whether or not they like to share their photos with Nicola on this fansite. We can respect that. So we normally will ask only once, and if the answer is no, we won’t beg/annoy and ask again.

(2) Some fans are lucky enough to meet with Nicola more than once during the same event. We will usually only include one photo from each fan at the same event and not bore you with multiple photos from the same fan in different poses with Nicola :P

OK, now enjoy these photos :D

From A View from the Bridge (2014)


On location, Sheffield, November 2012

From The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (2012)

From Di and Viv and Rose (2011)

From the streets of London (2011)

From Season’s Greetings (2010)

From Mrs Klein (2009)

Please remember that the copyright in these photos belongs to the fans in the photos. So please do not download and use indiscriminately or without permission from the relevant fans!

If you also have pics taken with Nicola and will permit us to post them here, Email Us with a file of the pics or point us to where we can download copies for posting here. :)