Torn is a three part mini-series (one hour per episode) shown on ITV in the UK in 2007. It is a story about two families : one family had one child abducted from a beach when the child was about 4, and the second family is the one who raised that abducted child. The lives of these two families collided when the mother discovered, by accident, where her child had been all these years and demanded a reunion. This mini-series aired around the time when the real live story of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance still had a high profile in the UK press.

This was one of the roles which Nicola took after she returned from maternity leave. She played Joanna, the woman who raised the abducted child in Torn. As always, she gave a brilliant, heartbreaking performance.

Screencaps / Press Articles

You can view the screencaps of Nicola’s performance in Torn HERE.

If you have not yet seen Torn, do not read any of the press articles because they contain spoilers about the show. But if you have seen Torn and want to know more, you can read scans of press articles which Nicola did at the time Torn was aired HERE.

You can also download one of the  ITV Torn Press Releases which contains interviews with all the main cast members, including Nicola.

Six degrees

Bradley Walsh, a cast member, is also a cast regular of Law & Order : UK [TV] and had many scenes with Nicola during her guest appearance in episode 401 of that show.

Adam Kotz, a cast member, also a cast regular in Series 1 and 2 of Touching Evil [TV] and played one of Nicola’s detective colleagues. Adam also appeared in the very first episode of Spooks [TV] where he played the husband of the doctor who was killed by a car bomb in that episode. Nicola has not yet joined Spooks [TV] in Series 1.

Poppy Miller, a cast member, is also a cast regular in Red Cap [TV] but she did not have any scenes with Nicola during Nicola’s guest episode in that TV series.

Tim Faraday, a cast member, was also a guest star in episode 202 of Touching Evil [TV].

Richard Betts, a cast member, also made a guest appearance in episode 604 of Spooks [TV] but Nicola did not appear in Series 6 of Spooks [TV].

Availability on DVD

You can buy the Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK

Torn is not available as a Region 1 DVD. But you can buy the Region 2 import from Amazon US.