Pie in the Sky

Nicola in Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky is a light hearted British police drama which went on for 5 series between 13 March 1994 and 17 August 1997. the main character, Henry Crabbe (played by Richard Griffiths) is an on-duty policeman who is also head chef at the restaurant which he owns, called “Pie in the Sky”.

Nicola appeared as a guest star in only one episode, 507 (titled “In the Smoke”), which was the penultimate episode in the entire series. In that episode, Henry and his wife took a holiday in London, away from the restaurant and crime solving. Due to Henry’s absence, his assistants, Sally and Gary, had to get in temp staff to help but ended up having to put up with a quarrelsome couple. Niocla played one half of the quarrelsome couple.


You can view the screencaps for this episode HERE.


Marsha Thomason, a cast regular on Pie in the Sky, obviously enjoyed working with Nicola on this show. On 7 September 2010, she made this tweet :

Nicola Walker’s performance in the 4th episode of LUTHER S1, is incredible. I had the pleasure of working with her many years ago. Brava!

After appearing in Pie in the Sky, Marsha relocated to the US where she has found success on US TV. She has been a cast regular in a number of highly rated TV shows such as Las Vegas and Lost.

Availability on DVD

Pie in the Sky is available as a Region 2 boxset which contains all 40 episodes from the five series. You can purchase this from Amazon UK by clicking the following link :

The price of this box set is currently at a ridiculously high level because it is being sold as a collector’s item. Watch for a lower price in case the production company decides to churn out more copies of the DVD.

Pie in the Sky is also available from Amazon US as a Region 1 DVD in standalone discs for Series 1 to 5. There was some delay in the release of Series 5 on Region 1 DVD but it should be available as from 2 August 2011. Please read our Post on this matter.