Oliver Twist


This is the 2007 BBC interpretation of the classic Charles Dickens tale of an orphan named Oliver Twist. The show was broadcast in the UK in December 2007 in 5 episodes, with episode 1 being 60 minutes long but the remaining four episodes for only 30 minutes each. HERE is a list of where this adaptation differs from previous adaptations of the same story.

Nicola only has a small role in this mini series as Sally, one of the maids who worked in the workhouse where Oliver was born. Sally withheld a key piece of evidence relating to Oliver’s family and background, the implication being that had she not done so, Oliver might not have had to go on his many adventures amongst the thieves and thugs of London. Sally only revealed what she had done when she died.

Nicola did some publicity for this show and was interviewed by What On TV, with Tom Hardy who played Bill Sykes.

At the same time as this interview, Nicola also gave her views on Christmas to Whats on TV. You can read the transcript of that interview HERE.

Six degrees

Sarah Lancashire was also in Antony & Cleopatra [TV] though she did not have any scenes with Nicola in that series.

Sophie Okonedo, who plays Nancy in this version of Oliver Twist, appeared in episode 204 of Spooks. She did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Sarah Phelps, the writer of this adaptation of Oliver Twist, also wrote Nicola’s guest episode (305) of Being Human [TV] and directed her in Modern Dance for Beginners [Stage].


You can view the screencaps for Oliver Twist HERE.

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