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Many of these articles (especially the ones published after Series 3 started airing on BBC One on 28 December 2014) discuss what happens in various episodes of Series 3 and therefore contain Spoilers. So don’t click and read them if you don’t want to know what happens in each episode before you watch that episode.

6 June 2014 Guardian interview of Sally Wainright

I like writing women, they’re heroic …

19 July 2014 Halifax Courier

Last Tango in Halifax filming in Calderdale

29 July 2014

Halifax Courier

Gay marriage to feature in third Last Tango series

Halifax Courier

… filming of Last Tango in full swing in Halifax

11 December 2014

Whats On TV

Derek Jacobi : Emma Thompson brought me Chinese food in hospital!

13 December 2014 Independent interview with Sally Wainwright – how to create TV gold

In the new series of Last Tango… the art department had [originally] given Caroline a brand new car, [which was strange because] in the last series she talks about having to borrow money off her mother and her girlfriend to buy out John who she’s divorcing. I think the audience do think ‘Hang on, how did that happen?’ [Minor elements like that] will affect the whether they believe in the show or not.

20 December 2014

Sally Wainwright interview on the BBC’s Last Tango in Halifax website

When you invent characters, you’ve got to invent them, warts and all

21 December 2014

The Custard TV has an interview with Sally Wainwright that is more than just a repeat of whats said in most other print articles.

22 December 2014

This interview with Sarah Lancashire in the Yorkshire Post is the same as the one in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

23 December 2014

Independent – interview with Derek Jacobi

I’m an East End boy… you can take the boy out of Leytonstone but you can’t take Leytonstone out of the boy

26 December 2014

Daily Mail – How Last Tango made its two stars ADORE each other

28 December 2014

The Sun – Last Tango in Halifax springs back to life

The Sun takes the prize for publishing the worst ever mock up pics of Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi!

4 January 2015

Radio Times

Derek Jacobi : Why sex is the secret to Last Tango in Halifax’s success.

5 January 2015

On the Write Track – interview with Sally Wainwright

Don’t take no for an answer

7 January 2015

Whats on TV

Sarah Lancashire : [Gillian and Caroline] have quite a lot to do together from episode 4 onwards

9 January 2015

Daily Mail – scroll further down this article to read a small piece on Anne Reid.

Anne’s character Celia is, as the actress puts it, ‘racist and homophobic’ and ‘a bit of a nightmare’. But she conceals her prejudices under a cloak of charm.

Anne begged writer Wainwright not to make Celia all ‘sweetness and light’, and she obliged.

In person, the actress is the antithesis of Celia.

The Daily Mail also has an exclusive interview with Dorothy, Sally Wainwright’s mother, whose second marriage to Alec Walker inspired the show. This interview is a “must-read” for fans of the show!

12 January 2015

There’s a 4 page spread on Sally Wainwright in This is Y Magazine 2015 (a magazine on all things Yorkshire). It appears from page 119 onwards.

16 January 2015

SPOILER ALERT Diva Magazine has an interview with Sally Wainwright in which Sally explains why she wrote Episode 4 the way she did.

17 January 2015

Anne Reid tells the Daily Mirror

Five years ago, if anybody had said to me you and Derek Jacobi are going to play the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the 70-somethings I would have thought they were bonkers.

18 January 2015

The Derby Telegraph has an article (with a short interview) with Louis Greatorex, who play Caroline’s younger son on the show.

SPOILER ALERT CultBox has an interview with Nina Sosanya about Episode 4 of Series 3.

28 January 2015

FINALLY! An interview with Nicola about her character, Gillian in What’s on TV.

3 February 2015

Yours magazine has an interview with Anne Reid.


The following articles are no more than regurgitation of the BBC press release.

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