LTiH 2 – Filming Locations

Filming Locations

Gillian’s Farm

Lucy went to the farm which is used in the show for Gillian’s farm. You can read her report on this Page.

Holdsworth House

Read about this location in this Daily Mail article.

Hoghton Tower

The wedding between Alan and Celia in Series 2 was filmed at Hoghton Tower. You can read more information about this location on this Page. (Thank you, Ruth, for providing us with info and pics.)

Episode 1

The restaurant where Celia and Alan celebrated with drinks and more declarations of love was Nutters.

Episode 6

The graveyard Alan and Gillian visited belongs to the Blackley Baptist Church. You can see 9 cast candid pics on their website when they filmed part of Episode 6 there.

9 December 2013

This article from the Halifax Courier gives you a brief run down of various locations used in and around Halifax and Calderdale for Series 2.

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