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Episode Trailers

These links will direct you to a page with a trailer from each episode which has been released by the BBC. Don’t click on these links if you do not wish to know what goes on in each episode before you actually view it.

These trailers will not work on mobile devices. You’ll have to view the clips on a desktop or laptop computer.

Episode 2.1 | Episode 2.2 | Episode 2.3 | Episode 2.4 | Episode 2.5 | Episode 2.6

PBS US Trailer

Characters Guide

Characters Guide for the main characters can be found on the official BBC One website for this show.

Episode Guides

These links will take you to the BBC Programme Information page with synopsis for each episode. Don’t click on these links if you do not wish to know what goes on in each episode before you actually watch the episode.

Episode 2.1 | Episode 2.2 | Episode 2.3 | Episode 2.4 | Episode 2.5 | Episode 2.6

You will have to scroll down the page for each link in order to find the episode synopsis for this show.

Episode Reviews

All reviews will discuss story arcs which you may consider spoilerish, if you don’t want to know what happens in each episode before watching it. So don’t click to read if you don’t want to know. You’ve been warned.

Episode 2.1 Radio Times (Alison Graham) | Unreality TV | Telegraph | Independent | Mirror | Guardian | Daily Mail (yes, that Daily Mail) | Arts Desk | The Times UK (subscription required)

For those who do not have a subscription to the Times, we quote below parts of their review of Episode 1

It returned with fewer of the muddy Yorkshire landscapes that made it distinctive and more of that incidental tango music that makes you wonder in what way this tale of middle-aged and pensionable love resembles a dance noted for its drama. My guess is writer Sally Wainwright made an off-colour Marlon Brando joke in a script meeting, the air conditioning changed and the title stuck … Given the right moment, Wainwright’s dialogue can be properly arresting. When, however, both [Gillian and Caroline] agreed that if Gillian had got pregnant by John it would “thicken the plot”, I wanted to shout something needs to. This episode spent a lot of time taking stock. Who was making the sauce? … As John, Tony Gardner pulls off making us care a little for an obviously hopeless case of arrested libido. John was punished last night by Wainwright in a way only a writer knows how: he was dropped by his publisher … So wherefore art our elderly Romeo and Juliet, Alan and Celia? With Alan recovered from his coronary and Celia past her sudden attack of homophobia, there was rather little for Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid to do. They are beginning to bore me. Something needs to thicken their plot pronto. Adopt a more satisfactory pair of daughters, perhaps?

Episode 2.2 Radio Times | Unreality TV | Telegraph | Independent

Episode 2.3 Radio Times | Unreality TV | Telegraph | Guardian – in the form of a video clip but the comments only come towards the end of the clip | Independent

Episode 2.4 Radio Times | Telegraph | Unreality TV | Times UK (subscription required) – its written by the same reviewer who wrote that scathing review of episode 2.1 (see above); apparently, he’s had an ever so slight change of opinion about the show! | Independent

Episode 2.5 Radio Times | Unreality TV | Telegraph | Independent

Episode 2.6 Radio Times | Unreality TV | Telegraph | The Arts Desk

Walker has been so strong, in fact, that if Danish television comes along one day soon and poaches her, it’ll be no surprise.

The Arts Desk

Ed : Never mind Danish TV (no offence to the Danes), Hollywood really should come and sign Nicola pronto!!! 😀

Episode Ratings

Episode 2.1 On first broadcast (i.e. not counting the repeats on iPlayer etc.), 6 million (24.3% share), marginally down from last year’s debut of 6.2 million (25.5% share). However the consolidated figures climbed to 7.42 million. Woohoo!!!

Episode 2.2 6.3 million (27.6% share) – this is an improvement on the best figures the show achieved during the Series 1 run last year. Congratulations to all cast and crew!

Episode 2.3 4.5 million – the show was on against a reality show, “I’m a celebrity … get me out of here” and viewing figures suffered as a result.

Episode 2.4 5.7 million (24.6% share).

Episode 2.5 5.79 million (25.8% share) – an improvement on the Episode 2.4 viewing figures. Woohoo!

Episode 2.6 5.64 million (23.9%)

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