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© BBC / Anthony & Cleopatra Series / Ben Blackall

© BBC / Anthony & Cleopatra Series / Ben Blackall


Articles and Interviews available online

In no particular order

Radio Times April 2013 | Broadcast Now (subscription required) | Saga Magazine

Halifax Courier (1 November 2013) | Guardian | Independent – Conversation with Anne Reid

Yorkshire Post The Big Interview with Derek Jacobi | Whats on TV (Sarah Lancashire) | On the Box Beware of this link – they give away a lot of spoilers about Series 2 (in our view, in a most irresponsible way)

Manchester Evening News | Telegraph (Anne Reid) | Mirror UK (Anne Reid) | Radio Times (October 2013) – Sally Wainwright : “Bold and Memorable Female Characters”

Halifax Courier (Anne Reid) | Custard TV (Josh Bolt) – a 24 minute podcast you can download | Radio Times November 2013 – Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi are the cover stars, doing a tango no less!

Mirror UK (Sarah Lancashire) | Express (Sarah Lancashire picks 6 best books) | Irish News (Sarah Lancashire)

New Statesman Why LTiH is so much more watchable than Borgen | Telegraph (25 November 2013) LTiH shows that the old deserve a starring role | Spectator Are events in Last Tango in Halifax to bad to be true? | Halifax Courier (9 December 2013)

Daily Mail (20 December 2013) Anne Reid’s career kickstarted by Last Tango in Halifax | Telegraph (22 December 2013) – Sally Wainwright interview : My mother’s late-life love is charming the nation | Holdsworth House Blog – Wedding Makeup Tips from the Last Tango Makeup Artist

The Lady (19 February 2014) – interview with Anne Reid


TV Wise Interview with Marcus Garvey (who plays Greg, Kate’s old university friend)

Radio Gorgeous – 33+ minutes podcast with an interview with Sally Wainwright starting around the half way mark. In this podcast, Sally confirms that Series 3 is definitely on as she’s just finished writing the script for episode 1 of Series 3! Yes!!!

18 November 2013

8 minute interview with Anne Reid on BBC One Breakfast (content may not work unless you have a UK ISP address)

Totally adorable 6+ minute interview with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi on BBC Radio 2 with Steve Wright. Audio clip may expire on 25 November 2013.

Press Article Gallery

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