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There is a cast interview available on the Channel 4 Babylon website which features very short interviews with various cast members, including Nicola. This short clip is only available for viewing by UK viewers. For those who are unable to view the clip, we have screencaps for you.

Since Nicola is not playing a leading role in this show, she is not featured in any of the print articles. There is an interview with lead actress, Brit Marling, which is carried by various print media outlets (such as the Hull Daily Mail) in which Nicola got a mention :

So far, Marling, who grew up in Chicago and studied economics at Georgetown university, has had a ball in the UK, helped largely by the geniality of her Babylon co-stars, including Last Tango In Halifax actress Nicola Walker, and James Nesbitt, as well as her juicy role in the drama.

“Everyone has really invited me into their lives,” says the actress, who turned down a job at financial giant Goldman Sachs after graduating, to pursue acting and screenwriting. “And not in a superficial half-hearted way, but in a, ‘It’s my birthday, come over; my mum’s coming over for dinner, come and meet her; do you want to borrow my bike? Yes! Come see Hampstead Heath..’, kind of way.

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