Mrs. Klein

NW during rehearsals for Mrs Klein

Year : 2009

Theatre : Almedia

Playwright : Nicholas Wright

Director : Thea Sharrock

Cast :

Claire Higgins | Zoe Waites | Nicola Walker

What’s the play about

This Play is an examination of the mother-daughter relationship through a fictional account of certain events in the lives of three real life psychoanalysts, Mrs. Melanie Klein, her daughter Melitta, and Paula, a fellow psychoanalyst who wanted to become closer to Mrs. Klein. Nicola played Paula. Although the Play takes place in London, since all three characters were originally from Germany, the Play required the three actresses to speak with a slight German accent.

The Almeida is a very intimate theatre in that the stage is set fairly low to the ground. When we saw the play, we managed first row seats and from there, you could literally smell the make-up on the actresses faces.

You can read more about the Play in the Programme and Resource Pack.

Programme and Resource Pack

You can download the program for this play HERE.

The Almeida Theatre also has a production pack for this play which you can download HERE.


Here is a selection of reviews for the Play. They are mostly favorable for all three actresses involved in this production.

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Press Night photos

You can purchase copies of photos taken during Press Night for Mrs Klein via the Whats On Stage website

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Six degrees

Zoe Wanamaker originated the role of Paula when the play was first staged in 1988. Zoe also appeared in A Dance to the Music of Time but did not have any scenes with Nicola as they appeared in different episodes of that mini-series.

Thea Sharrock also directed Nicola in Free [Stage].

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