This is the Hollywood adaption of the cult British TV puppet show. Despite an all star cast (Bill Paxton, Anthony Edwards, Ben Kingsley; director, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek : The Next Generation fame) and impressive CGI effect, the film was not a success.

Nicola made a guest appearance in this film. By her own admission, most of her performance ended up on the cutting room floor. She played a mother who brought her son to the emergency room of the local hospital when they ran into one or more of the space crafts known as “Thunderbirds” landing nearby. The son had managed to get his head stuck in a pan, hence Nicola being billed as “Panhead’s mother”.

You can view a clip of Nicola’s cameo appearance in this YouTube video. Its literally a blink and you will miss it appearance, so keep your eyes on the beginning of this clip.


You can view the screencaps of Nicola’s cameo in Thunderbirds HERE.

Six degrees

Sophia Myles played Lady Penelope in this film. This took place in the days when she was trying to make it in the US Film and TV industry. She did not have any scenes in this movie with Nicola. Sophia later returned to Britain and took on the role of Beth Bailey, one of MI5’s latest recruits, in Series 9 of Spooks. In the beginning of Series 9, Beth Bailey was said to have shared an apartment with Ruth Evershed (Nicola’s character).

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