Fragments/Pleasant Green

A radio play written and directed by Julian Simpson. It went out on air on 31 August 2007 as one of BBC Radio 4’s Friday Play.

Two detectives try to reconstruct past events from fragments of an audio tape in order to have some understanding of what happened to teenager Kelly Ryan and her parents who had move to Pleasant Green, an exclusive village 40 minutes from London. They are a nice ordinary family with plenty of money. Kelly has a good education, and has never been in trouble. But two months later she has murdered a seventy-year-old retired Royal Marine. Why?

Grant….John Carlisle
Kelly Ryan….Sarah Smart
Mrs Ryan….Lesley Sharp
Mr Ryan….Philip Glenister
Carter….Daniel Ryan
Haynes….Sean Gallagher
Mrs Wilson….Nicola Walker
Dr Mortimer….Will Keen.

Six degrees

Julian Simpson, the writer and director of this radio play, also directed Nicola in Episodes 409 and 410 of Spooks. Nicola has also appeared in other radio plays by Julian Simpson, The Listener (2008) and Bad Memories (2011). In fact, this radio play is very similar to Bad Memories (2011) in that both stories involved detectives trying to solve a murder by using fragments of an audio tape in order to reconstruct past events. Nicola has a more prominent role in Bad Memories (2011). Read our guide to Bad Memories and find out what Julian Simpson had to say about Nicola, Bad Memories and ripping off his own work in Fragments/Pleasant Green.

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Availability on Audible

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