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Nicola at the 2012 TV BAFTAs

The 2012 TV BAFTAs were handed out in a star studded ceremony held at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Sunday, 27 May 2012. The very last series of Spooks was nominated in the Best Drama category but it did not win. For a full list of nominees and winners, check out the BAFTA website.

Nicola attended this ceremony with her co-star in Spooks, Peter Firth (who apparently brought along his oft talked about but never before seen girlfriend), as well as the writers of Spooks Series 10 and executives from Kudos. She wore a long black or dark blue skirt teamed with a short jacket of the same color. In her hand was a red clutch, the same colour as her shoes.

Nicola had no shortage of friends at this event. Others in attendance included :

Her former co-stars in Spooks :

  • Jenny Agutter (who was a presenter)
  • Raza Jeffrey
  • Robert Glenister (who was a presenter)
  • Rupert Penry-Jones (who was a presenter)
  • Lara Pulver
  • Miranda Raison (who was a presenter)

Her friends :

There was no coverage from the mainstream press about Nicola’s walk down the red carpet. As for the two hour programme itself, there were just a couple of very fleeting reaction shots of Nicola after they showed clips from Spooks at the beginning of the programme and when announcing the Drama category. Here are the only screencaps we could find from the actual programme (courtesy of Lisa (@flip18)).

Thank goodness for some very staunch fans of Spooks who met Nicola on the red carpet and took some photos which they have agreed for us to share with you. A big THANK YOU from all of us here on the Editorial Team. 😀

Fans on duty at the red carpet prepared a couple of signs, one of which said “Spooks” and the other said “Ruth Evershed Lives”. When Nicola saw the “Ruth” sign, she immediately walked over and signed it “4 eva xx”. A photo of that sign is included in the Gallery.

Fans who took these photos own the copyright in these photos, so please respect their rights if you want to use them in any way other than ogling them in private!

(more pics will be added the gallery as and when we receive them from the relevant fans)

Update : 28 May 2012

Alison Graham from the Radio Times tweeted today about how much both she and Nicola still misses “Ruth Evershed”. Alison also said that even though she tried, she couldn’t get Nicola to agree to join Twitter!.

This article, which came up in our Google Alerts, tells us that M.A.C. Cosmetics was the make-up partner for last night’s awards ceremony. The article seems to imply that Nicola was amongst the attendees who took advantage of the services provided by M.A.C. Cosmetics for this event. @Born_Spook told us that Nicola looked radiant on the red carpet. Perhaps we have M.A.C. Cosmetics to thank for that?!

Report from the trenches

Here is a report by a fan who was on the scene yesterday afternoon. This will explain some of the poses struck by Nicola in the photos gallery.

by Emily (@ManderleyDream)

A position near the barriers; check. Spooks signs sellotaped and in place; check. Sun-tan lotion; whoops.

After a lot of waiting around (which is never too tiring when you’re amongst friends) the guests started to arrive and filtered in. After a while, guests from Spooks started to make their way up the steps (including Lara Pulver, Rupert Penry Jones and Raza Jaffrey) and our signs (so wonderfully made by Kate) attracted their attention as well as other guests who took their own time to photo them and nudge their partners and point.

Eventually we caught sight of Peter Firth who was looking over in our direction at the signs. We called out to him and he made a beeline for us, saying “hello girls” and asking us how we were and vice versa. As pleasantries were being exchanged Nicola Walker popped up behind him, smiling and cheerful as ever. Originally we couldn’t see her in the line where Peter was but apparently this was due to a delay at the ticket entry. She then spotted us and pointed at us before making her way over. Peter joked that they felt overdressed for the occasion and that everyone was wearing beachwear.

Nicola and Peter took their time and signed various pictures and were more than happy to have photos with the fans. At one point, Peter signed a picture and came up behind Nicola, placed it in her hands and said “sign that one please, darling”. Nicola was busy signing away while Peter searched around the fans in order to give a pen lid back. As Nicola signed one photo, she commented that it was a really lovely picture (it was the bridge scene from 8.2).

She looked at the signs and said “I love your signs!” before taking a biro and writing on one of the signs. Originally it said “Ruth Evershed lives”, but with Nicola’s addition, it read “Ruth Evershed lives 4eva xx”.

Nicola then saw our wristbands and said “My wristbands, I should have worn my wristbands!”. Lucy then told her that we had another wristband for her and Nicola just stood there looking very serious and ordered “Give it to me.” While Lucy fished out the wristband, Nicola and Peter were posing for photos, taken by both fans and other guests (Jane Featherstone took a few). Jane Featherstone then, with a big smile, snapped a few photos of our signs on her iphone before going back to the queue, it was very funny! At this point, Peter wandered off to sign more autographs to our right leaving Nicola to receive her new wristband.

When Lucy gave it to her, she put in on her wrist straight away and then took her time to read it. It said “Something wonderful that was never said” and her jaw dropped for a second before she quickly shouted “Peter!” and crooked her finger, beckoning him over. He returned quickly and Nicola made them both pose for more photographs, putting her hand (with wristband) on his chest and saying “right there, over the heart”.

Peter then vanished again and Nicola had more photos with us, commenting that it was the end of an era really and this may be the last chance for Spooks. When asked if she could call Peter back quickly, she looked around and walked towards him but he was heading back for the queue for the red carpet. She then ran back to us and shouted “I have no control over that man!” before smiling and heading back towards the queue. On her way back she did quickly turn around and blow a few quick kisses before catching up with the Spooks group (showing Simon Crawford Collins her wristband in the process).

THANK YOU Emily!!!

Update : 29 May 2012

And now, we have a three minute clip to go with emily’s report. THANK YOU @MrsGilesFarmer.

(With some browsers, the embedded video clip may not show up immediately. Just refresh the page and the clip should display properly.)

This clip shows details in Nicola’s dress which could not be seen in the photos. Her dress looks great. Love the red heels!


Radio Times Q & A

In the issue of the Radio Times which was published in the UK on 18 October 2011, they included a most entertaining Q & A session with Nicola. A lot of regular visitors to this fansite have already accessed this article yesterday following tweets made by us on Twitter, or posts logged on one of the Spooks related forums. The scan is tucked under the Galleries=>Articles=>Spooks=>Spooks Series 10 section. Since this article is required reading for all Nicola fans, we thought we’d make it easier for you to find it by logging a separate post. Here it is :

click on the scan to view a larger image of this article

As always, the answers given by Nicola show what a warm, funny and genuine person she is in real life. She should do more interviews!

(Thanks to Lisa for providing us with this scan.)

Update : 23 October 2011

The online edition of this Radio Times Q&A is now available HERE.


Nicola on Celebrity Master Chef

Recap by Contributor, Mandy Mulford

pic courtesy of Mr. Ian Wylie


Celebrity Masterchef is a UK reality programme which features local celebrities as contestants. For the current series, the three finalists are : actor, Nick Pickard; England rugby player, Phil Vickery and TV journalist Kirsty Wark. Their challenge this week was to cook lunch, on location, for the cast and crew of Spooks. The three contestants were asked to complete this task within 3 hours whilst working in a catering truck which did not give them too much room to move, and with equipment with which they were not familiar.

The programme started at 2:15 pm GMT and it was already half past two when thanks to Twitter I was told about this programme, specifically the Spooks connection in today’s episode and I immediately tuned in.

For all Spooks fans there was far too much time spent on showing the contestants cooking and not enough “behind the scenes” stuff, although we did manage an occasional glimpse of Simon Russell Beale (Home Secretary, William Towers) filming a scene in his office. Back outside, as filming wrapped up for lunch, we were lucky enough to spot Nicola Walker in the queue for the catering van. She was on the phone, engrossed in what looked like quite a serious conversation. Dishes available on today’s menu included Pork Belly, Vegetable Curry or Cod with a Parsley Sauce. In addition, cast and crew were able to have vegetables, cous cous, mash potatoes and tomato and fennel bake to go with their main course. For dessert, they had a choice of banana cake or caramalised pineapple.

Next time we see Nicola is at “the pass” ordering the Cod in parsley sauce with mash and carrots with a very big smile on her face. Max Brown (Dmitri Levandis) ordered the same. In the dining room, Nicola appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her meal, and actually wished her portion was larger. She also revealed, with a mischievous grin, that Max would have liked to order the Pork Belly but didn’t because he was “getting his kit off” later in the week and was therefore on a very strict diet in preparation for those scenes. Max responded with an embarrassed grin. Max said he didn’t like the fennel, thought it was quite tough. They then showed us Nicola’s empty plate and her very clean knife and fork. We never found out whether either Nicola or Max ordered any dessert.

pic courtesy of Mr. Ian Wylie

This episode of Celebrity Masterchef will be available on the BBC iPlayer for the next seven days, for those who have access to the iPlayer.


[screencaps provided courtesy of Lisa]


Di and Viv and Rose

This Post only deals with the 2011 staging of Di and Viv and Rose at the Hampstead Downstairs as Nicola was part of the cast. This Post has not been updated to include any information relating to the 2013 re-staging of the play at the Hampstead Theatre as Nicola will not be reprising her role as Viv.

Before you ask, no, we have not gone into business selling lingerie, nor are we staging an auction of Nicola’s undies. The above pic is the feature image for a new play in which Nicola will appear. Nicola will return to the stage on 14 September 2011 in a play called Di and Viv and Rose. Here is more information from :

Whats On Stage

Hampstead Downstairs theatre

Theatre Mania

From these press releases, we are told that Nicola will play “Viv” in this production.


The Hampstead Downstairs is a small theatre with seating for only 80 per performance; sometimes less if the creative team wants to take over part of the studio as part of their performance. So please book early if you are thinking of going. Also, the studio has free seating, so if you do go, you should be there early in order to be able to get a good seat.

The play will only have a short run of about one month, ending on 15 October 2011. Hopefully, it will be successful enough to warrant a transfer to the West End and larger theaters.

As the studio is small and the cast consists of three actresses only (similar to Mrs Klein at the Almeida), this promises to be an intimate night out for those who will be attending performances.

Show times

Evening performances start at 7:45 pm (instead of the usual 7:30 pm) and matinees start at 3:15 pm (instead of the usual 2:30 pm). See our Update : 18 September 2011 below for the play’s running time.

Remember, if you do go and end up meeting Nicola afterwards, don’t forget to let us have permission to post your photos with her in our We Met Nicola! section. You can always write a review for us and post this in the Comments section. 😀

Inside Men – new TV project for Nicola

There is one interesting point in the Whats On Stage press release. It referred to Inside Men as one of Nicola’s TV credits, which appears to be this BBC production. In the past, we have often found out about new TV projects for Nicola via her CV released by the relevant theaters, e.g. Gethsemane -> Grandma’s House (for which she shot the pilot only and didn’t appear in the final production),  and Season’s Greetings -> Law and Order : UKInside Men seems to be more of a showcase for actors rather than actresses. You can read more about this new project HERE. (Thanks to eagle-eyed lottanyman on one of the Spooks forums for pointing this out to us. 🙂 )

Six degrees

Tamzin Outhwaite was the lead actress in Red Cap. Nicola appeared in one episode of Red Cap titled Fighting Fit. Nicola did not share any scenes with Tamzin Outhwaite in Red Cap.

Claudie Blakley was a guest star in Touching Evil [TV] in the episodes titled “Evil Web” Parts 1 & 2 (also known as “What Amathus Wants”). She is also a good friend of Emma Kennedy, who was a former roommate of Nicola and they continue to be good friends. (A bit tenuous for Six degrees, we know, but just thought that you might be interested to know 🙂 )

Update 4 August 2011

According to the Hampstead Theatre’s online booking page, 14 September 2011 has been sold out.

Thanks to a heads up from HarryFan on the Spooks Forum, we draw your attention to Nicola’s Spotlight page.

Several interesting things to note about that page :

  1. Under Sports towards the bottom of the page, Nicola is listed as a highly skilled swimmer.
  2. Under the Films tab, her role in 4 Weddings has a name, finally! Its Claudia, instead of the usual awful folk singer. Who knew?!
  3. In the pictures gallery, there are some lovely Nicola pics. They look like recent headshots and she looks great!
  4. Under the “Television” tab, it confirms that Nicola does have a role in the BBC’s Inside Man and her character is called “Kirsty Doyle”.

Update : 11 August 2011

Here’s an image taken from the Hampstead Theatre webpage for this play

© Hampstead Theatre

Update : 17 August 2011

We understand from the Hampstead Theatre that

  • rehearsals have commenced
  • the script is 104 pages long, which means the play’s running time is likely to be 2 hours with a 20 minute interval
  • however, the exact running time may change, depending on what changes or tweaks will be done to the script during rehearsals
  • once the exact length of the play has been finalised, more information will be posted on the Hampstead Theatre website

Update : 5 September 2011

Rehearsal pics are now up on the Hampstead Theatre website, Gallery section for this play’s webpage. I think Nicola is wearing her favorite rehearsal top again 🙂 ! Tamzin Outhwaite has been tweeting about how much fun rehearsals have been with all three ladies. Cannot wait to see this on stage!

Update : 6 September 2011

Thanks to a head up from @SofieB_, good size rehearsal pics (many more than the ones displayed on the Theatre’s webpage for this play) can also be found on Hampstead Theatre’s Facebook page.

Update : 12 September 2011

Hampstead Theatre are running a caption competition on their FaceBook page where you can win tickets for Di and Viv and Rose. Try your luck HERE.

Update : 18 September 2011

The Hampstead Theatre now tells us, on their webpage, that the running time for this page is approximately 2 hours 35 minutes, with one interval.

Update : 23 September 2011

© Hampstead Theatre

Hampstead Theatre has posted 29 production photos of this play on its Facebook page. Nicola looks gorgeous in those photos, with much shorter hair. Wait till you see the photos of Nicola playing air guitar and rocking out! To any fan who has ever known her in “Ruth” mode or who thinks she’s only capable of looking dour in blacks and blues, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Head over to the Theatre’s Facebook page NOW!

Of the remaining 23 performances, 5 shows have now been sold out. Grab a ticket whilst you still can!

In addition to the Review in the Comments section below, there are more reviews and other information/updates on the next page.

London Evening Standard article

In a short article titled, “Up-and-Coming Character Actors to Watch”, published on 5 April 2011, the London Evening Standard rounded up a list of 5 character actors/actresses which they have labelled as “up-and-coming” and “to watch”. For the convenience of Nicola fans, we quote below what the paper had to say about Nicola :

Nicola Walker
Walker, 40, best known for her long-running role as Ruth in the BBC’s Spooks, has a wonderful knack of providing the quiet, beating heart of whatever drama she’s in. Ruth, the still centre of an office of MI5 mayhem, is a case in point, as is her recent turn as lovelorn Rachel in Ayckbourn’s Season’s Greetings at the National.

The other character actors covered in this article were :

Pip Carter
Bryony Hannah
Anna Maxwell Martin
Russell Tovey

Nicola last shared the stage with Pip Carter in Gethsemane (2008-2009). Nicola recently worked with Russell Tovey in Being Human (episode titled The Longest Day). Although Anna Maxwell Martin has not yet worked with Nicola, she does have a (somewhat tenuous) connection with Nicola in that Anna was recently seen on TV as the female lead in South Riding, a TV mini series in which Peter Firth also had a small but important role. Certain fans have expressed the view that Anna’s role in South Riding should have or could have been done by Nicola. This is no more than these fans’ hope for a perpetuation of the “Ruth and Harry” characters from Spooks, which is not only an unnecessary pigeonholing of Nicola’s enormous talents but also dismissive of the skills of Anna Maxwell Martin, an equally capable actress in her own right.

Anna Maxwell Martin is often mistaken for Nicola. Some fans think that the two of them must be somehow related. They are not. Please see our comments on this subject in this Fun Fact.

We are not sure whether Nicola should be labelled as “up-and-coming”, given that she has had lead roles on TV, comedy (Chalk) and drama (Touching Evil), in the past. But on the grounds that any publicity is good publicity, we still want to thank the London Evening Standard for including Nicola in this list! 😀

Update : 7 April 2011

We have received a number of requests from fans of the other actors named in this list, so for everyone’s convenience, we will quote below what was said in the article about these other actors :

Pip Carter

Quietly making a name for himself as a recurrent cast member of headline National Theatre productions (Never So Good, David Hare’s Gethsemane), Carter, 26, recently provided the perfect foil to Matt Smith’s flamboyant Christopher Isherwood as a wryly world-weary yet quietly smitten WH Auden in the BBC’s Christopher and His Kind.

Bryony Hannah

Many would contest that it is the diminutive Hannah who is the real star of current stage hit The Children’s House, rather than headline names Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss. Her scheming schoolgirl Mary is another of the compelling children that 27-year-old Hannah has become known for, after notable work at the National in Earthquakes in London and War Horse.

Anna Maxwell Martin

Her angular beauty might not quite fit the Hollywood mould, but Maxwell Martin, 32, has surprised and delighted with her professional choices ever since her BAFTA-winning work in the BBC’s Bleak House (2005). Her turn as a progressive headmistress in the recent television adaptation of South Riding showcased her at her passionate, questing best.

Russell Tovey

The personable Tovey, 29, first garnered public attention and affection as sports-mad Rudge, one of Alan Bennett’s iconic original History Boys, a role he played at the National, on Broadway and on film. Now he’s wooing BBC3 audiences as flat-sharing werewolf George in the popular supernatural drama Being Human.



Update 5 January 2011

We have now uploaded Desktop Images and Avatars for your use and enjoyment :

Desktop Images


Some of these are transferred from the old fansite, and some are new contributions.

Many of these Desktop Images and avis have been created by using the screencaps which are available on this fansite. We know that a fair number of fans have been busy downloading these screencaps in recent weeks. You are most welcome to do that. Some of you have taken the trouble to let us know why you have been downloading these sceencaps and for that, we thank you. If you are going to create Desktop Images and/or avatars from these screencaps (or by using your own screencaps), it would be lovely if you could send us your creations for display on this fansite so that other fans can enjoy them too. ☺

Update 2 January 2011

All of the galleries have migrated from the old site.

We have received some smashing new desktop images and avatars which will become available soon.

If you would like to contribute either desktop images or avis, please Email Us with a zip file. All contributions will be gratefully received. We will let you know as soon as your contributions have been accepted for publication.

On 19 November 2010, we said :

We are in the process of moving all of the images which were available on the old fansite over to the new fansite. Since we are using completely new and different software, we have to move the galleries across manually, so please bear with us. For now, we will stay with the screencaps etc. which were available from the old fansite. In due course, we may add more screencaps from the different shows.

We have received a number of offers from fans of screencaps and desktop images. Thank you, but we are not currently accepting such contributions. We will let you know when we are ready to ask for your help in this area. 🙂

Making available screencaps, and avatars and desktop images made from those screencaps is about as far as we want to go in terms of any perceived breaches of other people’s copyright. We will not be providing download links for any audio or video files in relation to Nicola’s work, unless those downloads are specially permitted or sanctioned by the relevant copyright owners (such as that promotional video for Being Human).


Nicola in Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings is a play written by Alan Ayckbourn in 1980 which had its world premiere on 25 September 1980 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough, and its London Premiere on 28 January 1982 at the Greenwich Theatre. There has been many productions of this play over the years. According to the description in the webpage for this production at the National Theatre, the play offers a seriously entertaining look at the misery and high jinks of an average family Christmas.

In the 2010 National Theatre production, Nicola plays Rachel, the sister of Belinda (played by Catherine Tate) who is the female lead of this play. In the play, Rachel is described as “a little older than her sister, Belinda and less conventionally pretty …”. Not sure about the “less conventionally pretty” bit. Nicola can play them in all shapes and sizes, conventionally or unconventionally pretty, sane/manic, demure/man eater etc.

The Season’s Greetings page on the National Theatre website can be found HERE. Click through the rehearsal photos and you will see a very pretty photo of Nicola, hard at work during rehearsals (see above).

(*the Rehearsal Gallery seems to be broken at the moment. We have emailed the National Theatre about this and they have indicated that they will look into it and fix it soon.)

Update 25 November 2010

The Rehearsal Gallery’s been fixed. Yay!

Thanks to the National Theatre, we have also been given permission to display this colour version of that rehearsal photo. There is a slightly large version of this photo in the Galleries section.

The first batch of 29 performances, to run from 1 December 2010 to 4 January 2011, have been sold out. The National Theatre recently announced a second batch of 39 performances, to run from 12 January 2011 till 13 March 2011 and tickets have been selling quite briskly. If you wish to catch Nicola’s performance, you will need to get tickets without further delay!

Press night will be held on 8 December 2010. We will be updating this post with Reviews and press night photos on 9 December 2010.

Update  8 December 2010

The National Theatre has now put up a Production Gallery on the Season’s Greetings page which you can find HERE. There’s one picture of Nicola on her own and a second picture of her with two other cast members.

The Reviews are in and you can find links to them and other resources relating to this play HERE.

Update 12 December 2010

There is now available on the National Theatre Season’s Greetings website a short video of interview with cast members who share their thoughts on Christmas. You can access it HERE. Nicola appears in the beginning of this interview. If for any reason you cannot access the video or it gets pulled so that its no longer available, we have a transcript of what Nicola said HERE (in the second part of that Post).

Update 14 December 2010

Nicola has been interviewed by Whats on Stage about her role in Season’s Greetings. You can access the article HERE.

Update 17 December 2010

The National Theatre will stage a Theatrical Quiz on 21 December 2010 at 6 pm where the Season’s Greetings cast, led by Catherine Tate, will compete against the Hamlet cast, led by Claire Higgins, on their knowledge of all things relating to theatre. The event will be moderated by Emma Freud. Tickets at ₤3.50/₤2.50 each. The event will last about 45 minutes. There is a maximum of four members in each team, and sadly, Nicola was not picked for the Season’s Greetings team (to be known as the Amazing Ayckbourns).

Marianne Elliot, the Director of Season’s Greetings, will give a talk on the show on 4 January 2011.

Each of Mark Gatiss, Catherine Tate and David Troughton of the Season’s Greetings cast, will give talks, on different dates, in February.

You can read about these event at the “Platforms” section at the National Theatre website HERE.

Update 22 December 2010

Congratulations to the Amazing Ayckbourns, who won the 2010 National Theatre Annual Theatre Quiz. Its a pity that the National Theatre has declined to publish a list of the questions and answers which formed this quiz.


Nicola on Christmas

Towards the end of 2007 when Nicola was doing publicity for Oliver Twist (she played Sally), she gave an interview to Whats on TV where she talked about her views on Christmas. The video of this short interview used to be available on the Whats on TV website, but sadly they must have archived the video because the link is no longer live. So for the benefit of fans who are interested in Nicola’s views on Christmas, here is a transcript of that interview.

Interviewer (“Int”) : What are you planning this Christmas?

NW : Erm, I don’t know, cos I’m in that awful phase, that thing where you’re all rowing. I’m rowing with my husband, I’m rowing with my dad, his rowing with his brother, about where we go. That for me has now slightly become Christmas, where you row about where you’re driving, for how long, for what day. And its like having trumps, cards, where you sort of swap them. I’ll swap you Boxing Day for Christmas Day if you do the Christmas Eve. I don’t know where I’m going to be, but I know that I’ll probably be in a car, driving somewhere, for most of it.

Int : Who usually wins, these Christmas disputes?

NW : (Smiles) Me, yeah.

Int : So you know where you’re going to be?

NW : I do, secretly, (laughs), I know exactly where I’m going to be, on Christmas Day. (Nods) yep.

Int : And what do you particularly like or dislike about Christmas?

NW : I think I really like the build up to Christmas, that’s fantastic, putting the tree up is brilliant, and then everything from about 11 o’clock on Christmas morning, it starts going downhill for me. Then its all the law of diminishing returns after that, after you’ve opened the presents, its all downhill. But then you’ve also got New Year’s to look forward to, when one could get raucously drunk and embarrass oneself in front of one’s family.

Int : Or you could start getting drunk on Christmas Day …

NW : Well I’ll obviously, actually, be watching Oliver Twist, that’s what I’ll be doing.

(This was three years before Nicola knew that she was going to be in Season’s Greetings at the National in 2010!)

Update 12 December 2010

National Theatre/Season’s Greetings Cast Interview

The National Theatre has just put up a video of interview of the cast of Season’s Greetings, with their thoughts on Christmas. You can watch the video here, by clicking on “cast interview”. Nicola was interviewed together with Oliver Chris at the beginning of this video. In case the video is not available to non-UK IP addresses, or becomes unavailable, here is a transcript of that interview :

Oliver Chris : We eat turkey.
NW : We do that as well, I think we often do that.
OC : Do You?
NW : Do you listen to Phil Spector’s Greatest Christmas Hits?
OC : I love that, I love that, that is the best album.
NW : That is, isn’t it.
OC : I was going to give everyone that for first night presents, I won’t bother now.
NW : I think we are really traditional in my family. I don’t think we do anything strange. We adhere to all the …
OC : Do you argue?
NW : We do all the things you’re meant to do at Christmas.
OC : Argue, fight, watch telly
NW : Yeah, argue, fight, laugh, reminisce …
OC : Stuff your face until you can’t eat any more.
NW : Yeah …
OC : With a chocolate orange …
NW : Yep, we keep eating.

For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.


Nicola Walker : Foodie!

Nicola was recently interviewed by the Financial Times for their Food & Drink Section. You can read the article, published on 26 November 2010, here.

As always, interesting and amusing tidbits (or should that be morsels?) of information. Nicola’s answers are refreshingly honest and down to earth. She sounds like a real person, compared to the rail thin actresses who only inhale air for sustenance!

Come on, writers and producers, Nicola is waaaayyyy over due for a lead role in a comedy! Ms. Catherine Tate, do you think you can help?

For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.


The 2010 Ian Wylie Interview

Ian Wylie is one of the most respected journalists in the UK who writes about its entertainment industry. He is also a Spooks fan and has kept other Spooks fans highly entertained, in the past few years, with his interviews with members of the Spooks cast and his previews of forthcoming episodes of Spooks.

On 5th October 2010, Ian published an interview with Nicola which is a must-read for all Nicola Walker fans. Nicola has not done a lot of interviews in recent years. Of the interviews which she has given in the recent past, she spoke mostly about the characters she played and very little else about her private life. In the Ian Wylie interview, Nicola was very candid about her character in Spooks, Ruth Evershed, the reaction from fans she’s met and a little about her other projects, such as Being Human and Season’s Greetings.

You can access the interview HERE.

For more interviews with Nicola, go to Interviews.