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(All reviews contain spoilers, so don’t read if you intend to go to the play and don’t want to know anything beforehand. 🙂 )

A big thank you for all the lovely fans who have been to see the play and sent us their reviews / comments / rants and raves!

by Sally, posted on 14 August 2012

I loved the set, it was modern and clever, and came to life at different times with projections of Christopher’s thoughts or the block of houses where he lived or the underground station… and lots of other things too. Really clever use of lifting doors to allowing speedy retrieval of props etc. – in fact so much happening with the set I’m sure I missed bits.

I enjoyed the ensemble pieces too where the supporting cast took on different roles, like passengers on the train or commuters rushing past at the station. Their purposeful movements gave contrast to Christopher’s feeling of helplessness in his terrifying solo journey to London.

And when I say supporting cast, that’s not to do an injustice to all the other actors, Nicola included, but rather to recognise that Christopher is obviously central to the play – and Luke Treadaway puts in an amazing performance. However, just as it wouldn’t work without him, the play would also be incomplete without strong performances from the others, especially his parents, and Nicola of course doesn’t disappoint!

Other things I enjoyed? The beach holiday scene where Judy (Nicola) reflects on a distant happy time (although not quite ‘normal’ family life even then), the humour with the policemen (slightly stereotypical perhaps?!) and the use of noise and projected flying numbers to signify Christopher’s distress when the outside world got too much for him.

Although the play’s quite action-packed and there’s a lot going on movement wise, its true strength lies in the portrayal of the characters’ emotional struggles and Nicola excels here as you’d expect. Her character makes a later entry than the rest but as a Nicola fan this almost builds the suspense particularly as there are 3 doors on and off the stage so you’re not sure which one to focus on!

Nicola’s early scenes act out Christopher’s reminiscences as he reads his mother’s letters, and Nicola’s central to the end of the first half in reading out the address that echoes round his head as he concludes he has to go to London. Nicola comes to the fore though in the second half where Judy movingly conveys to Christopher why she did what she did and how she’s been torn between her love for her son and the despair she felt at not being able to cope. And this is key to the audience understanding the story from different viewpoints, not just Christopher’s.

This play is staged “in the round”, i.e. audience sit round the four sides of the theatre with the actors in the middle (see pic above). Nicola said to us afterwards that this is quite hard on the actors because there’s no back to the stage and hence there is nowhere to hide.

And my favourite moment? Definitely the arrival on stage of a live puppy at the end – I wonder how many puppies they auditioned til they got the right one?!

So all in all I really enjoyed the play and was left in admiration of those who transformed it from a book written through the eyes of one character into a living and dynamic theatre piece.

As for the NT Live production to come, if Nicola’s anything like as good as she normally is then she’s got nothing to worry about – I’m sure it’ll be fine!

by April, posted on 23 August 2012

I was unsure as to how the book was going to work out on the stage, but I was very much looking forward to it

I was not disappointed in any way, the effects were absolutely amazing and everything worked so well. All actors were brilliant however Nicola and Luke stood out for me. Their passion just projected from them.

Nicola’s performance was so powerful I was almost in tears. She addressed the whole audience even when her back was to the members of the audience. She captured every aspect of the character so well. Nicola never ceases to amaze me with her performances.

Everything worked and it is a brilliant cast, I would go and see it again if tickets were available (gutted there isn’t).

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