the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Update : 29 March 2012

The April to September 2012 brochure is now available to view and download on the National Theatre website. The play also has its own webpage on the National Theatre website.

The Cast

Matthew Barker | Niamh Cusack | Maggie Service | Nick Sidi
Una Stubbs | Luke Treadaway | Nicola Walker | Horward Ward

The National Theatre website has been updated to include more details about what roles will be played by the various cast members. Nicola is now confirmed as “Judy”, Christopher’s mother.

The dates :

July 2012

24.07 | 25.07 | 27.7 | 28.7 | 30.7 | 31.7 – Preview shows

August 2012
01.08 – Preview show | 02.08 – Press Night | 03.08 | 04.08*
06.08 | 07.08 | 08.08* | 09.09 | 10.08 | 11.08*
13.08 | 14.08 | 15.08* | 16.08 | 17.08 | 18.08*
20.08 | 21.08* | 22.08 | 23.08 | 24.08 | 25.08*
27.08 | 28.08 (CAP) | 29.08* | 30.08 | 31.08

September 2012
03.09 | 04.09 | 05.09* | 06.09 | 07.09# | 08.09*#
10.09 | 11.09 | 12.09 – matinee show only

* means a Matinee performance is available on that day
# means it is an audio described performance for for blind and visually impaired people.
CAP means its a STAGETEXT® captioned performance for Deaf and hard of hearing people.


On 16 August 2012 at 6 pm, Marianne Elliot, the director, will stage a Platform conversation.
On 4 September 2012 at 6 pm, the author of the book on which this play has been adapted from, Mark Haddon, will stage a Platform conversation.


From the information provided on the the play’s webpage on the National Theatre website, it would appear that booking will be open to :

Supporting Cast Members from 30 April 2012
Priority Members from 1 May 2012
Advance Members from 2 May 2012
General public from 4 May 2012

The previous booking dates, starting from 2 April 2012, only apply to other plays in the April to September season. The reason given by the National Theatre for the difference in booking dates is “because of late seating preparations and the Company starting rehearsals quite late within the pre-production stage”. In plain English, I think this means that the Company haven’t quite figured out which of the 300 seats they need to use as part of the stage. This is most inconvenient for those fans who have to make a whole range of other arrangements (e.g. flights, hotel accommodation etc.) in addition to securing tickets for the play!

Update : 30 April 2012

Booking has opened today to members of the National Theatre who are on the “Supporting Cast” tier. There will not be any reserved seating. Seats will be allocated by the Theatre’s booking system. It should also be noted that the very last performance, the Matinee on 12 September 2012, has not been confirmed.

Update : 2 May 2012

For those intending to book tickets for the play, you may find these comments useful :

There are 4 tiers of ticket prices :

£32 for seats in Pit A
£32 for seats in Level A
£20 for seats in Level B Semi-restricted view
£12 for seats in Level C Restricted view

For an explanation of the Cottesloe’s seating plan, this Theatremonkey article is most helpful. However, please bear in mind that as we do not know how the production will be staged, the actual seating plan for this play may be slightly different from that described by Theatremonkey.

When you book tickets, you will not be able to see any seating plan because “choose your own seat” is not available for this play. The National Theatre’s computer will select seats for you. We just did a trawl through all of the shows, and it looks like the Pit A and Level A seats have been sold out for most shows, leaving just the Levels B and C seats. Even for those shows with Pit A and Level A tickets still available, these are likely to be single seats only, which means if you go as a group, you may not be able to sit together. The Cottesloe has four pillars near the front of the studio, and as the Theatremonkey article explains, some seats will have a restricted view.

As of this writing, the following shows have been marked as “sold out” :

Tues 24 July, Wed 25 July and Wed 1 August – these are Preview shows
Wed (matinee) 5 Sept, Thurs 6 Sept and Tues 11 Sept

The final show (in the current booking block), a matinee on Wed 12 Sept, has not yet been confirmed and therefore tickets for this show is not currently on sale. Excluding this show, there will be a total of 53 performances.

Watch this National Theatre video for an explanation about the layout of the Cottesloe Theatre.

If you intend to go to this play, you should get your tickets early!

Here are a few Tweets exchanged between the playwright, Simon Stephens, and a friend about this play. (Click on the image below for a better look at these tweets.) “Nicola is ‘fucking ace'” – we can’t agree more with this observations 😀

Read the Book

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There is a special edition of the book to accompany the National Theatre’s production of this play.

Order from Amazon US

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