the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Whats on Stage has just announced a number of new theatre productions that will be staged in London later this year. This includes a stage adaptation of the acclaimed novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Nicola has been cast in this play, which will be staged at the Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre, London during the season beginning in July 2012. Other cast members for this play includes Una Stubbs and Luke Treadaway. The National Theatre has not yet put up any information about this production or its new season.

The Cottesloe Theatre is the smallest of the three theatres at the National Theatre. Its set in three split levels, with maximum seating for 300 only. However, the layout is quite flexible and can be configured to seat fewer members of the audience. Sounds like the Hampstead Downstairs theatre. Wonder why they’re staging this in such a small theatre when the book is such a popular one and has been taught in some schools?

Since this play will run from July onwards, it will coincide with the 2012 London Olympics, which means that many Nicola fans who want to see the play but have to travel from outside London to catch this play may have a difficult time finding reasonably priced flights and/or hotel accommodation. πŸ™

What’s the book about

The book, written by Mark Haddon, is about Christopher, a mildly autistic boy who went about investigating the death of his neighbour’s dog. It is an extremely well written novel, in turns funny and heartbreaking. It has won a clutch of book awards since it was published in 2005. Hollywood snapped up rights to the novel some time ago and Ron Howard was attached as Director of the movie at one point, though the project is currently languishing “in development”. It will be interesting to see how Simon Stephens manages to distill the novel into a play.

You can read more about this book on its Wikipedia page.

It may be early days yet, but given our knowledge of the novel, it is possible that Nicola will play Christopher’s mother in this play.

Here’s hoping that the production will be so brilliant and successful that it will warrant a longer run at the National Theatre and/or transfer to the West End, Broadway and beyond!

Update : 2 February 2012

Interest in this play has been quite intense, given that the book is a favourite with many, many readers. We’ve noticed an increase of traffic to this site because of our post on this play. As George has pointed out in the comments section below (thanks, George, for the heads up), the National Theatre has indicated on its website that tickets for this play, and other recently announced productions, will go on sale from April 2012. CAN NOT WAIT!

Update : 21 March 2012

The following information comes from a highly reliable source but remains unconfirmed :

  • Tickets will become available on Monday, 2nd April 2012. People who are higher on the National Theatre’s membership ladder will have the chance the buy tickets first before the box office is open to the general public. You can read about the NT’s membership ladder HERE.
  • The play is likely to open on 24 July 2012 and run at least till the end of September 2012. However, these dates are not yet firm as the cast has not yet started rehearsals. Rehearsals usually run from about 6 to 8 weeks before a play opens.

The April to September 2012 season brochure, with more information about this play, will be available on the National Theatre’s website from about 29 March 2012! πŸ™‚

Read the Book

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There is a special edition of the book to accompany the National Theatre’s production of this play.

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