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Pie in the Sky S5 R1 DVD released

At long last, Series 5 of Pie in the Sky will be released on Region 1 DVD. Amazon US has listed the release date as 2 August 2011 and is currently taking pre-orders. For a long time, all of the first four series of this beloved 90s UK sitcom has been available on Region 1 DVD. Some unknown problem has held up the release of Series 5 on Region 1 DVD, until now.

There is still no news on when Pie in the Sky will be available again on Region 2 DVD. At the moment, a small quantity of the original 5 series box set, and copies of the individual series, are available from Amazon UK, though at ridiculously high prices as they are being sold as collector’s items.

Nicola guest starred in the penultimate episode of Series 5. See our write up of this programme in the Pie in the Sky Guide page.

Buy from Amazon US

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Nicola Guest Stars in Law & Order : UK

This article deals with Nicola’s guest appearance on Law & Order : UK, which was aired first in Canada in November 2010, then in the US on 4 March 2011 before it is aired in the UK on 21 March 2011.

When we accessed Nicola’s actor’s page on the National Theatre website in September 2010, in search of more information relating to Season’s Greetings [Stage], we saw that Law & Order : UK was included as one of her TV credits. So we dug around further and was able to obtain confirmation from a very reliable source in mid September that indeed, Nicola has filmed a guest appearance on Law & Order : UK though it was unclear at that time when the relevant episode was going to be aired in the UK. At that time, Series 3 of Law & Order : UK had just started transmission in the UK and Nicola’s name was not amongst the guest stars announced when publicity for the show kicked into gear.

Towards the end of October 2010, we were given new information about Nicola’s episode by a group of dedicated fans of Law & Order : UK. Quite surprisingly, Nicola’s guest episode was going to be aired on Canadian TV in November 2010, months before it was going to be shown on UK TV. Apparently, this also happened in 2009 with a previous series of Law & Order : UK. Nicola’s guest episode is titled “ID”  and is based on the episode titled “Promises to Keep” from the US version of Law & Order (episode 304 which originally aired in the US on 10 February 1993).

Nicola’s guest episode was shown on CityTV in Canada on 4th November 2010. At about the same time, the following tweets were exchanged between ourselves and Emilia di Girolamo, the lead writer of Law & Order : UK (we also included a Tweet from Ben Daniels, one of the lead actors on the show) :

@BonkersButBrill FYI Nicola Walker appears in tonight’s episode of Law & Order UK, I.D. at 10pm on CityTV. #LOUK
4 Nov 2010

@EmiliaDG @TVBrittanyF Totally one of my faces too. Nicola is on FIRE! Script’s pretty ace too 😉
4 Nov 2010

@EmiliaDG Thanx for the heads up. Nicola is the most magnificent actress in the world, no question! Can’t wait to see this episode.
4 Nov 2010

@BonkersButBrill In which case you will LOVE it! She really is awesome
4 Nov 2010

@EmiliaDG Just watched it. V powerful writing n brilliant acting from all. 4 some1 who said she can’t cry on cue, that tear looked real! 😀
6 Nov 2010

@BonkersButBrill It was real, she was incredible. So glad you enjoyed it.
6 Nov 2010

So there you have it folks, Nicola has apparently overcome her inability to cry on cue for the camera. There is now no limit to her range as an actress!!!

Update : 26 February 2011

Emilia di Girolamo tweeted today that Nicola’s guest episode, ‘ID’, will be the third (not first) episode to air on ITV when the show returns for a 4th series on 7 March 2011. So UK fans, mark your diaries for 21 March 2011!

Update : 27 February 2011

Law & Order : UK ‘ID’ will be shown in the US on 4 March 2011 on BBC America. US fans, mark your diaries!

Update 28 February 2011

There is a brilliant interview on the CultBoxTV website with Emilia di Girolamo about her experiences as a writer for Law & Order : UK. She also talks a little about Nicola’s guest episode, “ID”.

Six degrees

Bradley Walsh, who plays Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks, last appeared with Nicola in Torn [TV]. He played the husband to Nicola’s character, Joanna. The two shared many scenes together.

Ben Daniels, who plays Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel, appeared in episode 408 of Spooks [TV] when he played Oleg Korsakov. He did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Harriet Walter, who plays Detective Inspector Natalie Chandler, appeared in episode 303 of Spooks [TV] when she appeared as Deep Throat. She did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Benjamin Wong, who guest starred in this episode as Barrister Eli Smart, appeared in episode 904 of Spooks [TV] when he played Kai. He did not have any scenes with Nicola in that episode.

Out of respect to UK fans who have not yet seen this episode, screencaps will not be posted until this episode has aired in the UK.

If you have already seen the episode and wish to leave a comment, please refrain from posting any spoilers about this episode 🙂

Availabliity on DVD

The Region 2 DVD box set of Law & Order : UK Series 4 will be out on 4 July 2011. Click on the link provided below to pre-order your copy.

There is no news yet, as to when the Region 1 DVD box set for this episode will be released. For the US market, the episodes from two seasons are combined for the purposes of putting out one box set. For example, Law & Order : UK Season One in the US market is actually an aggregate of all 13 episodes which formed Series 1 and 2 of the programme which was aired in the UK. We will update this portion of this Post as soon as we hear further in this respect.


Spooks S9 DVD Competition

We have a winner!!!

The competition closed on 17 March 2011. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an entry. We received many entries from the US, UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Spooks and Nicola fans are truly an international crowd!

The Answers

The answer to Question 1 was episode 907. Nicola provided audio commentary to only one episode for the Series 9 box set. This was mentioned in this Post.

The answer to Question 2 was TWO featurettes only. Again, this was mentioned in this Post.

We were a little disappointed to see a fairly large number of incorrect entries, mostly wrong answers to Question 2. For the Series 9 box set, there were two featurettes plus audio commentaries for two episodes (901 & 907). In order to avoid confusion over whether the audio commentaries should be considered a featurette, we specifically started question 2 by saying, “apart from the audio commentaries …”. On 11 March 2011, we gave you a chance to correct your entries, by posting an update on this page, as well as posting a Tweet about it. Sadly, no one took up our offer for you to amend your answer.

So, after all that’s been said and done, we put all of the entries into a hat and came up with a winner and it is :

Kerry D of the UK

We have emailed Kerry to congratulate her.

THANK YOU once again for your support of Spooks, Nicola and this fan site.
Read more about the competition on page 2.


Spooks Region 2 DVD box sets re-issued

Spooks Region 2 DVD box sets

On 28 February 2011, the entire Series 1 to 8 Region 2 DVD box sets for Spooks will be re-issued.

The company which used to produce the Spooks DVD box sets for Kudos was Contender Home Entertainment Group. Contender was taken over by E1 Entertainment Group (“E1”) in July 2007. Since existing stock of the old Spooks DVD box sets was getting low, we assume that E1 took this opportunity to re-issue the Series 1 to 8 box sets which now shows the new name of the Group which produced the box sets. We believe this is why in recent months, fans were unable to order old DVD box sets from vendors such as Amazon.

The good news is that the box sets are once again available to fans. The bad news is that most of the box sets will be re-issued at a new price of between £25.99 to £29.99. The lone exception being Series 1, which will be re-issued at a very reasonable £12.99. This is unfortunate since up until late 2010, one could still purchase Series 1 to 7 DVD box sets for Spooks at the very reasonable price of £11.99.

It would appear that no new artwork will be used for the re-issued DVD box sets. It is unlikely that the re-issued  box sets will contain new or additional Extras. Features such as the episode commentaries would have been done at the time the show was filming and if an Extra isn’t already there, then it would be difficult to come up with it now, so many years after the fact. In addition, to request an actor to participate in an Extra, it would have been written into his contract. So again, if the requirement was not previously there, it would be highly unlikely for Kudos to renegotiate an old contract just so that an actor/actress is asked to come back and do more Extras.

One would hope that with the re-issued Series 1 to 8 box sets, they will take the trouble to re-do the navigation menus in the earlier series, which were not only clunky (remember that stupid spy having to break into the grid and no one knowing quite where to click in order to access a particular feature?) but looks very outdated by now. If you have trouble navigating the clunky menus or locating the Extras in the earlier series, checkout HERE.

The Spooks Series 9 DVD box set will be released by Universal Playback. You can read about that release HERE.

Update 27 February 2011

As of today, Series 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 are selling on Amazon UK at £12.50, that is, more or less the same price before the re-issue. Better grab these whilst you ca, because the prices on Amazon go up and down like a yo-yo on a daily basis. £12.50 per series is a very reasonable price for 6 to 10 episodes of top quality writing and acting. Remember, the low prices only apply once you’ve checked out your shopping cart, not whilst the item remains in your shopping cart/wishlist.

Availability on Amazon UK

Here are the links to the re-issued box sets which are available on Amazon. If you click on these links and complete the purchase within a specified time, this fansite will earn a small commission which will be donated towards charity. Read about the Shop for Charity feature HERE.

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Nicola Guest Stars in Being Human 305

Nicola has filmed a guest appearance for Series 3 of Being Human, which will be aired sometime in January on 20 February 2011 in the UK (see our latest update below). She plays a health inspector / social worker called Wendy.

We first became aware of her involvement with the show in August 2010 when the BBC released this promotion clip featuring Philip John, one of the Directors of Being Human. “[There is] a lot of comedy [in] this series,” he said. “We’ve got fantastic comic guest performers – Nicola Walker, who plays Wendy, [is] just staggering.”

Being Human is what American TV writers call a “dramedy”. i.e. part drama, party comedy. The first two series have been rating successes in the UK. The three leads, Aiden Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow are all very capable actors in their own right. Remake rights of this show have been sold to the US and we understand that a US version is currently being filmed.

Read what Nicola had to say about her guest appearance in the 2010 Ian Wylie interview.

After the gloom and doom in Series 9 of Spooks, we cannot wait to Nicola in a comedic role!

Cannot view the video?

For the benefit of fans who gets the dreaded “video not available in your area” notice when they try to play this video :

The only reference to Nicola comes at around the 0.59 mark when director Philip John said, “[There is] a lot of comedy [in] this series … We’ve got fantastic comic guest performers – Nicola Walker, who plays Wendy, [is] just staggering.” For the rest of the video, it was just Philip John talking about his experiences in directing 3 episodes of Series 3 of Being Human. Wonder if this means that Nicola’s guest starring role will appear in more than one episode? One can only hope.

Update 14 December 2010

Being Human Series 3 will commence broadcast in the UK in January 2011. UK fans, please keep a look out for programme transmission dates.

Update 18 December 2010

Philip John directed episodes 303, 305 and 306 of Series 3 of Being Human. Nicola could appear in one or more of these three episodes.

Update 7 January 2011

The Being Human Series 3 Press Pack is out and you can access it HERE. Nicola will appear in episode 305, to be aired towards the end of February 2011.

In an interview which is available as part of the BBC Press Pack, Sinaed Keenan (who plays Nina in Being Human) has this to say about Nicola :

Nicola Walker – episode five playing Wendy the social worker, incredible – I think she should come back and social work elsewhere in the show.

I think we would all second that!

Update 12 January 2011

Being Human Series 3 will begin transmission on BBC3 on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 9pm. At this rate and if Nicola is scheduled to appear in episode 5, we should all mark 20 FEBRUARY 2011 as the date to tune into the show, unless, of course, you’re also a fan of Being Human in which case start watching as from 23rd January 2011! 😀

Update 13 January 2011

Sinead Keenan, a cast regular in Being Human Series 3, had this to say when she gave an online tour of the new set. “This is episode 5, where things get hectic.” That would be Nicola’s guest episode. In the 2010 Ian Wylie Interview, these comments were made

[Nicola]  plays health visitor Wendy who stumbles into the house occupied by the comedy drama’s resident werewolf, vampire and ghost.

“She thinks she’s having a bad day. But because she doesn’t know anything about the people in the house, she doesn’t realise just how bad a day she could be having.”

Can. Not. Wait!

Watch the on-set tour via this YouTube video and get to know the set where Nicola will spend her episode in.

Wonder if Nicola cut her hair short for this role? She looked like she had a shorter hair cut when she was photographed for the Season’s Greetings promotional still, and that might have been around the time she filmed her guest episode for Being Human, after filming on Spooks Series 9 wrapped in August 2010.

Update 18 January 2011

In an interview with Digital Spy, Sinead Keenan continued to be very complimentary about Nicola’s guest appearance in episode 5 of Series 3 of Being Human and described her as “amazing”. You can read the interview HERE.

Update 19 January 2011

According to the official BBC blog for Being Human 3, Nicola’s guest episode is titled “The Longest Day”. It must be referring to the kind of day which her character, Wendy the social worker/house inspector, is having when she has to inspect “Honolulu Heights”, the new home for the three main characters.

Episode 305 is written by Sarah Phelps. She also wrote the 2007 version of Oliver Twist in which Nicola had a small guest role.

Update 23 January 2011

Ian Wylie interviewed the cast of Being Human for his blog, which you can read HERE. Here’s what Russell Tovey has to say about Nicola’s forthcoming guest appearance :

Nicola was amazing and very funny. She’s involved in the rediscovery of Herrick storyline as a social worker who ends up being assigned to Herrick’s case. So we all become linked and she’s unaware of the fact that we’re all supernatural beings.

For those not familiar with Being Human, Herrick is a recurring character who is a vampire.

Update 25 January 2011

From Twitter (original tweet from anglophenia which was retweeted by flip18)

Being Human 3 will be shown in the US on BBC America starting from 19 February 2011, which means Nicola’s guest appearance in episode 305 will be shown on 19 March 2011. US fans, mark your diairies!

Update 3 February 2011

The BBC has released a little more information about episode 305 of Being Human and you can read about it HERE. This article reveals a little more about how Herrick the vampire reappears in the lives of the three lead characters, but not much about the character played by Nicola.

Update 13 February 2011

Screencaps from the trailer for episode 305 of Being Human, to air at 9:00 pm on BBC Three on Sunday, 20 February 2011

Update 22 February 2011

Fans with access to the BBC iPlayer have until 27 February 2011 to watch Being Human 305. US fans, please remember to mark your diaries for 19 March 2011, which is the date when BBC America will air Being Human 305 in the US.

Check out our Being Human page for more info on this programme, and a look at the photo of Nicola as Wendy which has been released by the BBC. As the programme has now aired, we will close the Comments section here, but you can continue to leave comments on the Being Human page.

Availability on DVD


TV Schedule

One of the features from the old fansite which we are strongly inclined to discontinue is the TV Schedule which lists current and repeat showings of shows in which Nicola has made an appearance. That schedule only set out TV listings for the UK and is of not much use to Nicola fans who do not live in the UK.

What do you think? Do you want it back? If we are to bring it back, we would like to include TV listings from around the world. To do that, we will need your help. If you do not live in the UK, would you be prepared to keep an eye out for Nicola shows in you local TV listings and send us this information on a regular basis? Let us know, leave a comment below.