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Cast and other Production details

Name Role
June Brown Sozzie
Dominic Coleman Jamie
Shelley Conn Eve
Dawn French Frances
Mel Giedroyc Ivanka
Steve Oram Daniel
Sue Perkins Sara
Joanna Scanlon Toria
Anna Skellern Sophie
Nicola Walker Justine
Harriet Walter Angela
Brief production details
Name Role
Sue Perkins Creator/Writer
Sue Perkins Composer – Title Music
Red Production Limited (joint producer) Production Company
Square Peg TV (Sue Perkins's own production company) Production Company
BBC Two transmission station
Number of Episodes 6 x 30 minutes

The links above will take you to the individual actor’s or writer’s IMDb page. For more detailed information on the show, including guests in individual episodes and a full crew list, visit on the show’s IMDb page.

NOTE The show has NOT been renewed for a Series 2.

Ed’s Note Its a shame they’re not giving Justine her own spin-off show. There would have been countless comic possibilities there!

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The DVD box set for this show is released on 8 April 2013 and is Region 2 and 4 PAL compatible. A 10 minute Behind the Scenes Featurette is available on the DVD and Nicola appears in a short interview about the show.


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