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Writing to Nicola

Contact Details

From time to time, we receive enquiries from fans as to how they can write to Nicola. We always suggest that you do this via her agents, whose address is listed in our FAQ page. However, we accept that the FAQ page may not be the most logical place to find this information, so here it is again :

R Blond & Associates
69a Kings Road
London SW3 4NX
United Kingdom

Many of you may want to write and let Nicola know how much you have enjoyed her work over the years. We have it on good authority that Nicola collects her fan mail from her agents quite regularly and enjoys reading fan letters. However, you should not expect that she will have time to send a personal response to each and every letter, it depends on how busy she is at any time. No offence to any one who has written or is considering writing to Nicola, but we’d rather she spend time filming new projects, reading scripts and/or taking meetings/going to auditions in relation to new and interesting work than writing responses to fans. 🙂


If you would like an autographed photo in return, you will need to enclose a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (“SASE”). For those fans who live outside the UK, this may present a bit of a problem since you may not be able to purchase UK stamps where you live, but in this internet age, that is no longer a problem.

Go to the UK’s Royal Mail website where you can :

  • work out how much it will cost to have the SASE sent back to you from the UK with just one photo, which measures 4″ x 6″, (shouldn’t weigh more than 30 grams) on this page
  • buy the necessary UK stamps and have these sent to you – there is a variety of stamp books you can buy on this page

After you receive the UK stamps from Royal Mail via regular post, you can then use the UK stamps on your SASE and then send it, together with your letter to Nicola, care of her agents. Make sure that your package has the correct postage as required by the Post Office from your location. Unless you live in the UK, you will not be able to use the online postage option since once purchased, these stamps (which you can print out on your computer) only have a 24 hour validity period.

The Royal Mail online shop also has a variety of other interesting items for you to purchase, in addition to stamps. So its well worth exploring. However, you will need to give your credit card details online as the Royal Mail does not accept PayPal.


As far as we know, Nicola has done two “head shots” for work purposes. Signed copies of these head shots are often sent to fans on request, as long as any such request is accompanied with a SASE with correct postage. Here on the right is the older version, which sometimes sells for less than £1 on eBay (but you will then have to add on shipping and handling fees charged by the eBay vendor). As from November 2010, we noticed that Nicola has started to use this newer head shot (on the left), which was available on her actor’s page on the National Theatre website. We have noticed, with some interest, that recent sales on eBay of this newer version of Nicola’s head shot have gone for more than £20! There must be some very keen fans out there who have made one or two professional autograph sellers very happy. But for those of us who cannot afford these prices, writing directly to Nicola via her agent would be the most economical way to go, if you’re after a signed photo.

If you wish to send a small gift to Nicola via her agents, please make sure that you include enough postage for her agents to forward the package to Nicola.

Good luck!


LiveJournal pages

It has just been brought to our attention that a Nicola Walker fan has set up a new LiveJournal page titled nicola_walker, sub-titled Bonkers but Brilliant. We do not have a problem with any fan of Nicola’s setting up any number of LiveJournal pages in order to celebrate Nicola’s work in a way which that fan feels necessary or appropriate, but we do object to such a deliberate attempt to pass-off this new LiveJournal page as having anything to do with this fansite.

This fansite has been known as “Bonkers but Brilliant” since it was first set up in 2006 by another fan. At that time, the webmaster also set up a LiveJournal page titled nicolawalker, sub-titled Bonkers but Brilliant. When we took over the administration of the fansite in September 2010 and subsequently its re-design, we made an editorial decision to mothball the LiveJournal page for a number of reasons :

  • there has not been a whole lot of activities on the LiveJournal page for some time
  • the new format of the fansite allowed us to post more detailed entries regarding Nicola’s work, so that it was no longer necessary to use LiveJournal for this purpose
  • the new format of the fansite also allowed fans to log comments, again, duplicating a similar function on LiveJournal

Recently, the fan in question logged an entry on our Nicola LiveJournal page which contained links to her own, personal, LiveJournal page where she had posted a number of entries which set out her comments on various aspects of Nicola’s work. We made a collective decision to delete that post as we felt that it was an unfair way of diverting traffic to this fan’s own, personal LiveJournal page. If you wish to comment on Nicola’s work, why not do it either on this fansite, or on our Nicola LiveJournal page direct? If you have already set up a personal LiveJournal page, why not publicize that page using your own methods, instead of taking advantage of our member list?

Understandably, our deletion of that post has enraged the fan in question. Instead of taking this up with the Editor on this fansite, the fan in question sent a very, very rudely worded private message to one of our contributions via one of the Spooks forums. As far as we were concerned, this was a very childish act and we chose not to respond. Until now.

We are just one group of Nicola Walker fans who wish to celebrate Nicola’s work on the internet. Other fans are absolutely free to undertake similar activities in any form they can think of. Be creative. Be inventive. We do object, however, most strenuously, if people try to pass off their efforts as being in any way associated with this fansite by using “Bonkers but Brilliant” as the title of their LiveJournal or Facebook page. If, as this particular fan has already stressed in her very rude private message, we are such a despicable lot, why does she still want to ride on our coat-tails?

It is not our intention to pick a fight with any Nicola Walker fan (which is why we are disabling Comments for this Post). We have chosen to maintain a dignified silence in all this, till now. We just want other fans to know that we have nothing to do with the new LiveJournal Nicola Walker page. We would also urge that particular fan to change her new LiveJournal page to something other than “Bonkers but Brilliant”.


Nicola Walker Fansite 2.0

Hello, g’day and welcome. If you’re looking for information on the most magnificent actress in the world, Nicola Walker, you’ve come to the right place! We look different, you say? Well, we’ve had a little bit of work done, a nip here, a tuck there. Oh alright, we’ve had a complete facelift. What do you think?

The Nicola Walker fansite was first set up in 2006 by flip18. We have flip to thank for having kept us informed of all of Nicola’s activities as an actress for the past 4 years!. In September 2010, administration of the fansite was transferred to us.

At flip’s suggestion and with her encouragement, we decided to give the fansite a complete makeover by using some of the latest available open source content management software, such as WordPress. You are now reading the results of our labour. This is intended to give Nicola fans a fuller and richer experience in terms of celebrating her work.

As we are going with a new format, it will take us a little while to transfer all of the old content to the new fansite, so please bear with us. If you cannot find your favorite features from the old fansite, please be patient and check back in a couple of days.

We will also try and beef up various sections of the fansite and will require your help. For example, in the CV>Guides section, you can submit a recap of shows in which Nicola has appeared in. Head over to our post on Guides for requirements in this respect.

The only feature which we may not bring over to the new fansite is the schedule of TV shows and repeats. Please read our post on this topic here.

So, the Nicola Walker fansite 2.0 – like it, hate it, got some other suggestion? Leave a comment below, or if you want to discuss matters in private, Contact Us. For things like typos, omissions and inaccuracies, we would prefer that you Contact Us instead of leaving a comment below.

Please be generous with your comments, and gentle with your criticism 🙂