Spooks Series 9 DVD news

Amazon UK has a short video, lasting about 1:06 minutes, which shows many cast members talking about Series 9. Once you’re on the Amazon webpage, click underneath the product image to bring up the video. It shows a brief glimpse of Nicola, in her dressing room, with Peter Firth, talking about the general tone of Series 9.

The UK/Region 2 DVD boxset of Series 9 is still on schedule to be released, in the UK, on 28 February 2011, and is listed at £25.99.

This post will be updated as more news about the DVD extras become available. For this Series, the DVD Extras are produced by Helen James Productions, and will include an analysis of Harry and Ruth’s relationship!

Update : 21 January 2011

From the CultBox website comes news of the Series 9 DVD extras and they include :

  • a feature called “The Cost of being a Spy”
  • a feature called “The Downfall of Lucas North” and
  • episode commentaries with Nicola Walker, executive producer Andrew Woodhead, Sam Vincent, Jon Brackley and writer Anthony Neilson

It is unclear from this report how many episodes will Nicola be providing a commentary.

Update : 5 February 2011

Universal Playback are doing the Spooks Series 9 DVD extras in conjunction with Helen James Productions. Its website has a page on Spooks which gives very brief cast biographies and episode guides for Series 9. The most interesting bits from this website are these photos :

taken from the Universal Playback website

And this photo :

taken from the Universal Playback website

which is the alternative shot for this photo, released by the BBC at the start of Series 9 back in September 2010 :

released by the BBC

Update : 24 February 2011

Access the CultBox webpage for more cast interviews HERE.

There has also been a rather unfavorable review of the Series 9 DVD box set from CultBox which you can read HERE. From this review, it would appear that Nicola will be providing commentary for only one episode.

Universal Playback has also created a brand new online game to coincide with the release of Series 9 on DVD on 28 February 2011. Apparently, becomeaspook.com features never-before seen footage from the Spooks cast. Have fun!


Update : 25 February 2011

New trailer to go with the DVD release on 28 February 2011


Update : 26 February 2011

From various lucky fans who have already received their copies of Series 9 from Amazon: Nicola provides audio commentary for episode 907, together with executive producer, Andrew Woodhead. As always, it is a  most entertaining commentary.

Update : 27 February 2011

Thanks to Lady J on the Spooks forum, you can watch an interview with Richard Armitage and Nicola Walker, conducted by MSN, where they talk a little about Series 9 HERE.

Update : 1 March 2011

Here is the YouTube version of Nicola’s interview on MSN


HERE are screencaps of Nicola from that interview.

Nicola and Peter Firth did a short interview with Paris and George of Heart Radio which you can listen HERE.
There are interviews on CultBox and Digital Spy where Peter Firth talked about Spooks generally and Series 9 in particular.

Ruth on cover of Disk 2

Update 9 March 2011

Just noticed that my Region 2 DVD box set says on the back that the discs are both Regions 2 and 4 compatible! Aussie fans take note.

Update 11 March 2011

CultBox has a series of interviews with two Spooks scriptwriters, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, about their experiences in writing for Series 9 and what might be in store for Series 10. Must read!

Update 1 April 2011

Region 1 DVD box set will be released on 12 July 2011, priced at US$27.99. Click on the link provided below to buy your copy from Amazon US and help us earn a small commission which will be donated to a charity to be nominated by Nicola.


HERE is a competition where you can win a copy of the Spooks S9 DVD box set which has been signed by Peter Firth and Nicola Walker. Good luck!


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