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Nicola will have a recurring guest role in the forthcoming Series 3 of Scott & Bailey. Some fans were told about this project when they visited Nicola after they went to a performance of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Series 3 will be shown sometime in May 2013.

If you wish to find out more about the show, please visit it’s

Dead Good is also a website worth visiting, for fans of the show and any one who likes a good detective story.

We have watched Series 1 and 2 and have been very impressed by the scripts and the performances. Just when you think the writers must have exhausted all possible angles with a police procedural drama, this show comes along which presents fresh points of view. Even if Nicola did not appear in Series 1 or 2, this show is well worth watching.

Update : 19 November 2012

Digital Spy released this bit of information today :

Walker will play a woman who is suspected of brutally murdering her estranged mother

From imediamonkey, we have this description :

Walker (Last Tango in Halifax, Inside Men, Spooks) will play Helen – one of the four estranged adult children of Joe and Eunice Bevan.

Update : 20 November 2012

From the Scott & Bailey Facebook page comes this bit of info :

Nicola Walker (Spooks) will also feature in a chilling new story. The women are called to the home of an elderly couple. The man is bedridden, but his wife is discovered with her head cut off. Nicola Walker plays one of the couple’s four children, who comes under suspicion.

Update : 22 November 2012

Nicola has told some fans that she believes that her character will appear in 3 to 4 episodes of Series 3 and that these episodes may be shown towards the end of the Series.

Update : 3 January 2013

Nicola continues filming her role in this show. Ruth (@theOofOof) has checked in with this piece of information

Just spoke to Scott and Bailey crew in Bury. Nicola filming in Chadderton later today.

Update : 14 January 2013

In this trailer for some of the new dramas coming up on ITV, you can see Nicola for a split second crying her eyes out!

Thanks to Ian Wylie for alerting us to the availability of this clip. 🙂

Update : 19 February 2013 – meeting Nicola on location in Manchester

One of our contributors, Ruth (@theOofOof) has logged a report about meeting Nicola on location in Manchester. You can read her report HERE.

Update : 19 March 2013

iTV just posted this pic on Twitter

20130319 S&B return 20130403

This means that for the first week in April, Nicola will be on TV screens in 3 different TV shows on 3 consecutive nights : Tuesday 2/4/2013, episode 6 of Heading Out, Wednesday 3/4/2013, episode 1 of Scott & Bailey and Thursday 4/4/2013, episode 4 of Prisoners Wives!

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The Region 2 DVD boxset is released 1 July 2013.


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