Ruth Evershed Scrapbook

If you simply want to leave a short message for Ruth and agree to share this message with other fans, perhaps you will consider leaving a message using this form.

Remember, other fans will be able to read your messages (sent using the above form) on the Ruth Evershed Memorial page.

We have closed the comments section of this post because we would like Nicola to see your messages in the scrapbook itself or in the Ruth Evershed Memorial page. She has been known to come onto the site to check on information about her past projects.

Deadline for submissions? There is none! We originally set a deadline for you to submit your messages to Nicola/Ruth. However, we then realise that many fans might come across the show much later than its original airdate in the UK and might still want to leave messages. Accordingly, we have scrapped the Deadline, so you can submit your contributions to us at any time. We will simply update the Scrapbook as and when the contributions come in.

Of course, you are always welcome to send your thoughts and scrapbooks to Nicola direct. We have directions for writing to Nicola HERE.

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