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Nicola will guest in an episode of a Dr Who radio drama produced by Big Finish. You can read more about it HERE.

The audio programme will be available in July 2011, either as a CD or MP3 download. As far as we can see from the Big Finish website, there is no geographic restriction if you wish to purchase the download, though it is unclear whether or not they will ship the CD outside the UK. In order to make a purchase on the Big Finish website, you first have to register an account. We have, but have not been able to make any purchases so far, as the Big Finish website appears to be undergoing some update work. Every time we click on an item to buy, it redirects us back to the log in page, even though we are already logged in, and so it goes round in circles. Hopefully, this kink can be resolved soon.

You can read more about the Big Finish series of Dr Who radio dramas HERE on Wikipedia.

Although Robophobia is in the sci-fi genre, we are sure that Nicola will be in top form, as usual, and very entertaining so that even if you are not already a Dr Who fan, you should not have difficulties in following along with the story.

We have made enquiries with Big Finish and will update this page as more information becomes available.

© Big Finish Productions

Update : 11 March 2011

One of our Contributors, who is not based in the UK, has been successful in registering an account and purchasing a download from the Big Finish website by using Safari as the browser instead of Firefox. So if anyone has a problem purchasing anything from Big Finish, try using a different browser to complete your transaction.

You can pay for online purchases by using either a credit card or via PayPal. If you use PayPal, Big Finish will add a small amount to your final bill in order to absorb the PayPal charges.

You should note that this is a radio only production of a Dr Who story, not the TV version, and the Dr in this story is not the current Dr Who played by Matt Smith on TV. If you are not already familiar with the Dr Who franchise of TV and radio shows, there are plenty of resources available online where you can familiarize yourself with the characters and some of the lingo used. Here are two such venues :

BBC Official Dr Who site


Now if only we can get Nicola to appear in the TV version of Dr Who!

Update 2 : 11 March 2011

Nicola recorded her episodes on 7 and 8 March 2011, her days off from Season’s Greetings (at the National Theatre). Paul Spragg of Big Finish Productions told us, “I was in the studio for the recording and Nicola was both a delight to work with and superb in the role. So it’ll be one worth waiting for.”

HERE is a direct link to the Big Finish website to purchase this programme when it becomes available in July 2011. The story is spread over four episodes and lasts a total of 120 minutes. Nicola’s the main guest star in this story and she’s in every episode.

You can either purchase the CD version (it will come on two discs) or the download version (which will be given to you free when you purchase the CD version). The CD version is priced at £14.99 plus shipping. Big Finish will ship anywhere in the world. Pre-orders for the CD version are now being accepted. The download only version will be £12.99. If you’re a serious Dr Who fan, there is also the option of buying a subscription package for 6 or 12 releases (CDs or downloads only); this will work out far cheaper on a per title basis.

Update : 9 April 2011

THANK YOU RobertG 😀 for alerting us to the fact that the CD cover for Robophobia has now been put up on the Big Finish website. Robert also told us that Nicola’s image on that CD cover has been “photoshopped in order to add the distinct eye make-up for the Kaldorian race (featured in the 1977 story “Robots of Death” – for which “Robophobia” is a sequel)”.

You can read more about the “Robots of Death” at Wikipedia HERE.

Update : 12 May 2011

Thanks to a heads up from flip18, there is a short write up of Nicola’s forthcoming performance in Robophobia in Vortex Magazine (page 3). Have you ordered your copy of this radio programme yet?

Update : 25 May 2011

Just saw this tweet from @BigFinish : Just listening to the extras for Robophobia. Nicola Walker is just wonderful.

Now will you put in your order for a copy of this audio programme?

Update : 10 June 2011

We received more information on said extras yesterday from Big Finish :

  • the “extras” will be interviews with the cast, including Nicola
  • these interviews will total about 15 minutes, so Nicola’s contribution will be a little less than that
  • the “extras” will be available to any one who has purchased Robophobia in either CD or digital format. This will also be available to any one who subscribes at the main range of the Dr Who stories.

Place your pre-orders NOW!

Update : 18 June 2011

You can now hear a trailer of Robophobia on the Big Finish website HERE. It sounds fantabulous! Please put in your pre-order soon, it will be released on 31 July 2011. Thank you, RobertG, for the heads up 😀

Update : 1 July 2011

Thanks to Dan Tostevin (@notdangle), there’s an interview with Nicola in the current issue of Vortex magazine. You can read a Flash version of this issue HERE. If you go to the Vortex magazine website, you can download PDF version of the current issue. Nicola’s interview appears on pages 6 and 7. There is also more from that interview in the current issue of Dr. Who Magazine (#436).

Update : 4 July 2011

You can download the June podcast from Big Finish HERE. Another clip from Robophobia is included, as well as some lovely comments from Toby Hadoke about Nicola’s performance.

Update : 11 July 2011

Here is a preview of Robophobia which appeared on page 92 of issue #436 of Dr Who Magazine, written by Dan Tostevin (@notdangle). (click on the image to enlarge)

Update : 15 July 2011

With very little fanfare, Big Finish brought forward the release date for Robophobia (from 31 July 2011) to 15 July 2011. Hurray! 😀

If you pre-ordered this title, you should be able to find a download link as soon as you log into your Account page at the Big Finish website. If you ordered only the CD version, you will also be given a download link as the MP3 file is included as part of your order, so you don’t have to wait for the actual CD to arrive before you can enjoy the programme. And if you haven’t yet purchased this title, well why not?

The programme is a 2 hour long Dr Who story. You don’t have to be an existing fan of Dr Who, or a Sci-Fi fan, to enjoy this programme. Nicola does “audio angst” so well. There is also a short interview with Nicola as part of the CD/MP3 extras. The executive producer and writer of Robophobia, Nick Briggs, was most complimentary about Nicola’s performance, telling us that “she’s smart and she’s a brilliant actress”. Eh, we already know that, don’t we, fellow NOGs? 😀


18 July 2011 From Google Alerts come this review on the Red Rocket Rising Blog

Why the acclaim?

Simple really – the performance both when moved to emotion and in general is superb. The character has range of expression and displays both vulnerability and trust.

Liv is manipulated by the Doctor throughout this tale and manages to recognise it, question it and go with it. More than becoming an extension of the Doctor’s will Liv is recognisably an individual made more so by the talented Nicola Walker (her of Spooks!).

This review appears in Issue #438 of Dr Who Magazine (click on the image to enlarge)

Availability on Amazon UK

The price for this CD may appear low on Amazon UK, but that will only be a saving for you if you are able to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping policy; otherwise, after you add on shipping outside the UK, Amazon’s price will end up being far higher than the price quoted on the Big Finish website.

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