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Official BBC website for the show

The official BBC website for this show contains a lot of interviews (with Stellan Skarsgard and Abbie Morgan), information and clips.

BBC Media Centre

From the River page on the BBC’s Media Centre, you can download a Press Pack for the show which contains an interview with Nicola.


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Hunffington Post UK | Old Ain’t Dead blog

Articles and Interviews available online

8 December 2015

In the Guardian’s Best TV of 2015 feature, River made it to Number 10. We reckon the show deserved a higher ranking, but then again, you wouldn’t expect us to hold a different view?!

16 December 2015

The Guardian posted this interview with Nicola, in which our 2015 Q&A, (specifically, the question about biscuits) got a mention. The interview itself is quite brilliant, but the Comments which followed are even better! We had no idea that Nicola was so annoyed with the biscuit question, or that the Brits take their biscuits so seriously!

… I had a brilliant, amazing time with Stellan [Skarsgård]. I send him very occasional emails just basically telling him how much I love him, and he very politely replies to them a few weeks later saying, “Er, yes, I also enjoyed working with you.” I’m slightly stalking him by email, but I’m trying to keep it to a minimum.

Order from Amazon UK

Order the show’s DVD box sets (Regions 2 and 4 compatible) from Amazon UK. Your purchase using this link will benefit Nicola’s nominated charity.


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