Nicola’s 3131 Portrait

31thirtyone is a charitable photographic project run by photographer Matt Humphrey who aimed at taking 31 portraits of actors and celebrities in as many days. You can read all about the project on the 3131 website.

This year, Nicola was one of the actresses who’s portrait was included in the project. Matt would prefer that you see her portrait, as well as the other 31 portraits (yes, he ended up with one extra this year, which you can read all about in his 3131 Blog) on his website, which is why we cannot show you a thumbnail of the portrait. Its a wonderful black and white photo of Nicola which shows her laughing very spontaneously at something or someone.

The charity to be benefited this year is Colitis & Crohn UK, again details can be found here.

Only 31 copies of each celebrity’s portrait will be printed and each will sell for £31.31 (which does not include shipping charges).  Matt will ship anywhere in the world. As of this writing, we believe that there are still copies of Nicola’s portrait for sale. Here is where you can place an order.

Support Nicola, support Colities & Crohn UK and buy a copy of Nicola’s portrait!

UPDATE : 1 December 2010

Matt has now produced a short promotional clip about his project, which features soundbites from a few of the actors/actresses who sat for him, though sadly not Nicola (not in the clip anyway). Nicola’s portrait does make a fleeting appearance. You can watch the clip here. Here’s hoping that Matt has longer footage tucked away somewhere else that does include a comment (or two, or three) from Nicola about her portrait. Matt has also talked about producing a coffee table book about this project. Now that would be interesting.

UPDATE : 8 December 2010

Matt has just tweeted that the 31thirtyone project has raised ₤11,000 todate. Good job, Matt. Show your support for the project and for Nicola, buy a project and help raise the total amount even higher!

UPDATE : 1 September 2011

According to @31thirtyone, copies of Nicola’s 3131 portrait are still available. Support Nicola, support a good cause, please buy a copy of this fabulous portrait!