Nicola the Gym Bunny

Ever since Spooks Series 10 started airing in the UK in September 2011, fans have noticed how good Nicola looked. Certain fans have asked, tongue in cheek, “has Nicola lost weight?” or “has Nicola had a facelift?” For a response from Nicola with regard to the facelift comment, see this Page.

Well, following a tweet posted by @equalsresults on 10 October 2011, we now know why Nicola is looking so much fitter these days. Apparently, she’s a bit of a gym bunny! “=results” is a London gym which staged a charity event over the 8th to 9th October 2011 weekend. It hosted 96 personal training sessions in 24 hours in order to to raise funds for local youth. For more details, click on the event poster below.

Nicola participated in this event and looked as though she had a great time working out at the gym. Love the “Kill Bill” style track suit 🙂

I guess that also explains the incredible energy Nicola has displayed during the recent run of Di and Viv and Rose.