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Series Trailer

4 December 2016, the BBC released this trailer for Series 4.

Trailer from Episode 1

13 December 2016, the BBC released this trailer from Episode 1.

Episode Guides

Episode 1

Caroline’s new headship involves the family moving to a ramshackle farmhouse in Huddersfield in time for Christmas. Alan has a difficult conversation with Gillian about where he’d like to be buried. Meanwhile, Gillian is consumed by thoughts of the afterlife convinced she’s being haunted by Eddie.

Episode 2

During the big pre-Christmas shop, Caroline tells Gillian the truth about why she had to take the new headship. Gillian’s mounting guilt over Eddie’s death drives her to make a life-changing decision. It’s the night of Celia’s play and a twist of fate means Alan is forced to confront his fears.


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