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Here are episode summaries available on the BBC Media Centre. They contain spoilers, so don’t click and read if you don’t want to know anything before watching each episode.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6

Characters Guide

These are available on the BBC homepage for this show. They are very spoilery, so don’t click and read if you don’t want to know anything before watching the show. Reading the character for Gillian (Nicola’s character), she sounds like everything that Ruth Evershed was not. I am soooo pleased that Nicola got this part! 😀


All of these reviews may be considered spoiler so don’t click and read if you don’t want to know anything before watching each episode.

Not all of these reviews are glowing or kind. Some reviewers can’t seem to get the names of the character right (e.g. its Celia, not Cecilia). Some can’t get Nicola’s name right (e.g. its NICOLA Walker, not Ruth Walker, and she shouldn’t be referred to as that woman from Spooks who never smiled). *Sigh* Here they are, in no particular order:

Episode 1

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Episode 2

Radio Times

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Episode 3

Radio Times

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Episode 4

Radio Times | Country Wives | Telegraph | Independent (its way down towards the end of the article)

Episode 5

Radio Times | seen it | Daily Mirror |

Episode 6

Radio Times | Telegraph | Independent | The Yorker | Metro

US Reviews

Here is a selection of reviews about the show from the US press (in no particular order) (not all reviews are positive) :

Bloomberg | San Francisco Chronicle | Pittsburgh Post Gazette | Are you Screening? | Variety | | New York Times | LA Times | Pittsburgh Post Gazette | | San Antonio Express | AARP News | Wall Street Journal | Boston Globe | AV Club |


Episode 1

21 November 2012 Episode 1 had an average audience of 6.2 million and a 25.6% share. Very respectable figures for a new drama. From Broadcast

The six-part series, starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid, topped BBC1’s slot average of 4.61m (19.22%) for the past 12 months.

It was the highest rated show in the 9pm slot by some margin and grew its audience over the period it was on air. The drama launched with 6.18m (25.1%) in its first 15 minutes and ended with 6.24m (27%) in its final quarter of an hour.

Nicola told some fans that she was worried that the show may not do too well as it was scheduled against the football on another channel on the same night. Well with those viewing figures, she needn’t have worried.

30 November 2012 Dean Andrews (cast member) just tweeted

Just got the consolidated figures … for [episode 1] 7.3 million with a 26.8% shares

Many congratulations to cast and crew. Well done, folks!

Episode 2

28 November 2012 According to the Guardian, Episode 2 had an average audience of 5.5 million viewers and a 21.6% share.

Episode 3

4 December 2012 According to various sources from Twitter (the Guardian, TV Ratings UK), Episode 3 garnered an audience of 6.2 million and a 26.5% share.

From Broadcast

Last Tango in Halifax climbed to a series high on Tuesday … 6.22m (26.52%) … The drama was the highest rated show at 9pm after it gained more than 700k viewers from last week’s audience of 5.51m (21.59%). It is one of BBC1’s strongest performing mid-week dramas of the year.

12 December 2012 The final figures are in. Episode 3 had a cumulative total audience of 7.51m!!!

Episode 4

12 December 2012 From various sources on Twitter as well as Broadcastnow, Episode 4 was watched by an audience of 6m and a25.4% share. It won its time slot!

Episode 5

19 December 2012 From various Twitter sources, the 5th episode garnered an audience of 6.2 million (a 26.8% share).

Episode 6

20 December 2012 From Digital Spy, Episode 6 pulled in a series high of 6.29 million (a 26.6% share) for its final episode and again won its time slot.

Updated : 28 December 2012

From TVRatingsUK

Consolidated ratings from last week: Last Tango in Halifax 7.49m (Tue), 7.48m (Wed).


Screencaps for all episodes are available HERE.

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