Last Tango in Halifax Series 1

Update : 18 June 2012

Finally, the BBC has updated its press release for this show to reflect its change of name from “Antony & Cleopatra”. You can read the revised press release HERE.

Update : 27 June 2012

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Tucked into almost the last page of TV & Satellite Magazine for the week of 30 June to 6 July 2012 is this article. The magazine seems to think that the show will air in the UK in August 2012!!! Oh my, how thin Nicola looks in this pic. πŸ˜€ I’m so glad she no longer has to dress in the drab blacks and dark blues, as she did for the last few years on Spooks [TV].

Update : 17 July 2012

A special screening of episode 1 of Last Tango in Halifax was held in London today for the press, at which most of the cast were also available. Here are the tweets which we collected about today’s screening.

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So, the talk now is that mid August 2012 is likely to be the first transmission date for this show. Keep your eyes on your TV guides!

Update : 28 July 2012

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From the BBC Shop website comes more information about Gillan, the character played by Nicola :

Chaotic, independent Gillian works hard on the family farm as well as in the local supermarket. Impetuous in her relationships, she’s currently dealing with the advances of her younger lover Paul and the accusations of her brother-in-law Robbie, who’s convinced she was involved in the death of her husband.

A younger lover (to be played by Sacha Dhawan) for Nicola’s character? Interesting, very interesting … There’s no mention of any Extras for the DVD, which is also interesting …

Update : 13 August 2012 – BBC Media Pack

Now that the Olympics are finally over, the BBC has gotten round to releasing a media pack for this show which you can find at the BBC Media Centre. There is an interview with Nicola. Go read, now!

Update : 30 August 2012

The BBC has now released programme information for Episode 1 which you can read HERE. The programme is down for transmission during the week commencing 15 September 2012 but there’s still no announcement regarding the exact date and time of transmission. *Sigh*.

Update : 11 September 2012

For reasons best known to the BBC itself, it has withdrawn episode one from its programming schedule during the week commencing 15 September 2012. They have also removed the episode synopsis page, which is why you will find that the link provided in the 30 August 2012 update no longer works. As of this writing, we have no idea when the show will air, but we will post an update as soon as we know.

Update : 17 September 2012

Anne Reid was on BBC Breakfast this morning, talking about her various current and upcoming projects. She touched on Last Tango in Halifax briefly, name checked Nicola as one of her wonderful co-stars (as well as others, like Sarah Lancashire) and said at the end that the programme will not air till sometime “later in the year”. πŸ™ (The link to that clip on BBC Breakfast will only work for fans residing in the UK.)

Update : 1 November 2012

At long last, the BBC has announced a new airdate for this show. You can read the press release from the BBC Media Centre HERE. Its still listed as an “unplaced programme”, meaning its only on the schedule for the week beginning 17 November 2012 but which date in particular, the BBC’s still not sure. *SIGH*

Update : 5 November 2012

The BBC has decided! The show will air on BBC One on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 9 pm GMT. Do tune in, for those who can!

Update : 15 May 2013

After storming Australia in April/May 2013, Last Tango in Halifax is set to captivate US audiences. PBS will bring the show to the US starting Sunday, 8 September 2013. Here are some of the press release links (in no particular order) :

PBS | Zap2It | IMDb | BroadwayWorld | Monsters and Critics
Unfortunately, since news of the show’s premiere was bundled with news of the airing of Series 4 of Downton Abbey in the US, one poor deluded viewer logged this confused Tweet (which we have since tried to clear up for him) :

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Given the show’s popularity with audiences young and old wherever in the world it has aired so far, and its recent BAFTA TV win, I think cast and crew should seriously consider packing their bags for the Golden Globe awards in January 2014 and Emmy Awards in September 2014!

HERE is the official PBS website for this show.

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The Region 2 DVD is also Region 4 compatible.


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