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Filming Locations

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Adlington Hall – Mill Lane, Adlington, , SK10 4LF Macclesfield

A lot of filming was done in a disused NHS health clinic in Wilmslow. Downstairs was remodelled as a vet’s surgery, while upstairs was converted in to the home of Sara.

If you have any information about filming locations used for this show, please Email Us and we’ll update this list. Thanks.

Interviews available online

10.2.2013 Telegraph | Independent (with Joanna Scanlan)
15.2.2013 Daily Mail
19.2.2013 TV Choice
20.2.2013 Whats on TV
22.2.2013 Readers’ Digest UK (thanks Hannah W) | Time Out London
23.2.2013 Buxton Advertiser/Lancashire Evening Post (its the same article in these two publications) | Daily Express Saturday Magazine
24.2.2013 Express & Star
26.2.2013 the Sun UK | Radio Times | Televisual (this article has some “making of” background information | Northern Echo
27.2.2013 Guardian UK
5.3.2013 Joanna Scanlan interviews in Unreality TV, Digital Spy and Female First; Dominic Coleman interview in italktelly.com
22.3.2013 Hi! Magazine

All of these interviews feature Sue Perkins, except where indicated otherwise.

Sue Perkins in the Daily Express Saturday Magazine interview

I’ve also known Nicola Walker, who plays Sara’s friend Justine, since I was 18 and working with her has made me love and admire her even more.

Press articles gallery


BBC Two’s website for the show has a gallery of pics for some of the stars for this show, including Nicola (see head pic above).

There is also a great gallery of pics on the MSN UK website (thanks, Sofie for the heads up) which features two lovely pics of Nicola.

In addition, we have these screencaps :

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Six Degrees

Steve Oram was in People Like Us [TV] with Nicola.

Sue Perkins has known Nicola since their days at Cambridge University (see the Bio page for more details). For a period after they left university, they even shared a flat (together with Emma Kennedy and Sarah Phelps). However, Nicola has never acted in a project involving Sue Perkins until now.

Jo Scanlan was a cast member in Cloud Nine [Stage].

Purchase the DVD from Amazon UK

The DVD box set for this show is released on 8 April 2013 and is Region 2 and 4 PAL compatible. A 10 minute Behind the Scenes Featurette is available on the DVD and Nicola appears in a short interview about the show.

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