Guides to Nicola’s Film work

Guides to Nicola’s work in Film have now been completed and you can access the list either through the Guides list, Past Work or Film.

If you believe that the list is in any way incomplete, or you would like to contribute one of your own reviews/recaps, please Email Us.

For reviews/recaps, please let us have the following information :

Your name : the name you wish to use as a credit for the recap or review
Name of the show, including series number and episode number/name, if applicable
Recap/review, which should be between 300 to 500 words. If you can, please refrain from disclosing major plot points of the relevant show, or put these in spoiler tags (see FAQ on how to use spoiler tags) in case anyone reading your recap/review has not yet seen that particular show. Ifs probably not necessary for you to provide us with images or screencaps, but you may if you wish to do so.

Your contribution may be edited, where necessary or appropriate. If we receive contributions from more than one person for the same show/episode, we may mash these together and post a composite recap (though all contributors will be credited).

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