Desktop Images

Each contributor may add to his/her collection from time to time, so please check back frequently to see if any new image has been uploaded.

You are welcome to download and use these Desktop Images for your own private use only. In order to fit most screen sizes, the size of each image is fairly large, so please be patient and wait for each image to load before right clicking on the image to save it to your own computer. Please do not hotlink to any image.

It would be lovely if you could leave a comment and tell the relevant designer what you think of his/her creations.

If you would like to contribute either desktop images or avis, please Email Us with a zip file with your artwork. The editorial panel will consider and let you know if your contributions have been accepted for publication. Given the proliferation of collage software now available for mobile devices etc., we will only consider artwork which show some artistic merit and not something cobbled together using software like Instagram.