Fun Facts – Uncredited Cameo

Uncredited Cameo on Collision

Nicola made an uncredited (and probably unintentional) appearance in this 2009 iTV show. HERE is the show’s IMDb page for more information about this programme.

When the character played by Douglas Henshall, a detective, went to check out the apartment where the character played by Claire Rushbrook lived, the first item he picked up was a framed photo of Claire’s character with a friend at a party. We believe the friend in the picture was Nicola. What do you think?

(thanks to SlideRuleYou on the Spooks Forum for first pointing this out)

In real life, Claire is a good friend of Nicola’s and has appeared with her on stage (50 Revolutions) and in film (Shiner).

Nicola also has another tenuous connection to this show. Kate Ashfield, who plays a policewoman on Collision, was originally cast to appear in Mrs Klein [Stage] but had to pull out before the play opened due to scheduling conflicts.


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