Fun Facts – Nicola and the Hobbits

Nicola has worked with 5 actors who have played Hobbits :

Richard Armitage – he was her co-star in Series 8 and 9 of Spooks [TV].

Sylvestor McCoy – he was the Doctor, her co-star in Robophobia.

James Nesbitt – he was a guest star on episodes 201 and 202 of Touching Evil [TV] and Nicola’s co-star in Babylon [TV].

Aiden Turner – he was one of the lead actors of Being Human when Nicola appeared as guest star in the episode titled The Longest Day.

Andy Serkis – he was a guest star in episodes 301 and 302 of Touching Evil [TV] and was Riff, the rock star in episode 308 of Spooks [TV].


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