Spooks Series 10 DVD competition

We have a winner!

If you are Kirsten T from Edinburgh and you sent in an entry to our Spooks Series 10 competition, then congratulations, you’ve been picked as our winner! We have also sent you an email to give you the good news!

Many thanks to all who took the time and made the effort to submit an entry. We know that it took a little more time to fill in the entry form than simply retweeting news of the competition or clicking a “Like” button on Facebook. The response from UK fans of Spooks was even better than the Series 9 competition which we ran back in January.

We had just a couple of incorrect entries. We did give these folks the chance to resubmit their entries, but only one person took advantage of this offer. We’re sorry that we had to disappoint non-UK fans of the show by excluding them from this competition. This was something over which we did not have control.

Now about that answer …

The one question you had to answer for this competition was, “How many episodes of Spooks did Nicola appear in”?

The correct answer was “57”. As Jodie has pointed out in the comments section below, many of you would have picked “56”, if this answer was included in the multiple choice answers. However, IMDb decided that even though Nicola was not credited for episode 506, she did appear in the “previously on” section at the beginning, as well as a couple of flashback scenes on the Grid, so they decided that Nicola has appeared in 57 episodes of Spooks. Since IMDb is a well known resource for many fans, we decided to go with “57”. We thought we’d make it easier for everyone by not including “56” in the list of possible answers. If we had used “56” as the correct answer, we would have had to field queries from fans who consulted IDMb and wondered why we didn’t use “57” as the correct answer.

Once again, thank you to everyone for entering. All of the personal information which you have given us when you submitted an entry will now be deleted from our database.

If you came here late, you can turn to the next page to read about the rules of the competition.

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