Mirjam’s Report

[Mirjam, a Nicola fan, travelled from the Netherlands to London in order to catch a performance of Di and Viv and Rose. Here is her report.]

Before the play my dad and I wanted to have dinner somewhere. We chose MeloveSushi, because it was near the theatre. When we were about to go inside, I saw a man who was making a call and I thought: He looks like Tom Ellis. Then I realised it WAS in fact Tom Ellis, and when we went inside Tamzin Outhwaite was already sitting there, with a few friends. (I think I saw the director Anna Mackmin) A few minutes later Nicola also came to the restaurant! I couldn’t believe my luck. She said hi to Tamzin, and went to another table, where there were already some other people (friends I think). I didn’t see Claudie, but Nicola and Tamzin ordered their food and ate it, whilst chatting to the other people. (I couldn’t see what she ordered, if you want to know)

About 19:05 Nicola and Tamzin left the restaurant and they went back to the theatre. When we arrived, they weren’t in the dressing room yet, but still in the bar area, Nicola ran up and down the stairs a few times, looking for someone/something.

I loved the Downstairs theatre, because it was such an intimate space. I also saw that Tom Ellis was in the audience, with the people from the restaurant. The play was very well written, funny and sad at the same time. The acting was superb, from all 3 of them. Loved the fact that Tamzin and Nicola both looked at me during the play. During the curtain call the audience gave a standing ovation.

After the show I went upstairs with my dad, I didn’t want to wait downstairs alone. But thankfully there was another girl, who also wanted to meet them (especially Nicola). So we went downstairs again. After we had waited a few minutes, Tamzin came out first. I asked whether she had time for a photo. She said: of course, and then said we could make one photo with herself, Claudie, Nicola and me. When Claudie and Nicola had joined her, the girl took the photo. We chatted for a minute or so. We didn’t talk for a long time, because Nicola wanted to go upstairs, but she said that Spooks fans are the best 🙂

When we left the theatre, Nicola was still chatting happily to the people from the restaurant. This was one of the best evenings of my life 😀 Still can’t believe I’ve had dinner within 5 metres from Nicola Walker!!


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