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24 Deceber 2011

From Georgia, North London, UK


Hi Nicola, Me,my mum and stepdad are soooo sad about Ruth, I sobbed like a Baby, Ruth was Brilliant and you played her so well. I came to see you in Di, Viv and Rose with my friend and you was AMAZING and really friendly when I came to talk to you. Look forward to what you do in the future you are Brilliant xxxxxxxxx

28 December 2011

From Rita, Hungary

Dear Nicola,

I would like to thank you for your brilliant work in Spooks as Ruth. She was my favorite character in the whole series mainly because your acting, because you were superb in doing it, in forming her. I love her so much, because she is a fantastic person, and she is very beautiful and brilliant 🙂 She is a lot like me in many things (for example clumsy), so this is the other reason why I love her so much. I kept my finger crossed for her to have a happy ending in Spooks, and I was so devastated and sad of her tragic end. But you did it brilliantly, your acting was awesome, very great, and not just at the end scene, but during the whole Spooks. And mainly because of it I think you are the best actress in the world. 🙂 At least for me you are. And for me you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. This is why I send you a drawing of Ruth. I loved when you smiled, very beautiful and this was my favorite smiling scene from you. Though it is not as beautiful as you, I tried my best to make it look like you as Ruth, I am sorry if it is not perferct. I would like to thank you again for your work and for Ruth. It and mainly she meant a lot to me. I will never forget Ruth, and I will keep her memory in my heart forever.

You are the best Nicola!!! 🙂

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8 February 2013

From Sophia (via email)

Something for Nicola/Ruth

I know it may be too late to send this, but it is not my fault that I didn’t start watching Spooks until last November [2012]. I have a message to put in to the Ruth Evershed Memorial Page. This particular poem is something that Harry would read :

The Sun Has Set

If I give you a flower, will you come back to me?
I have come from deep in my heart to celebrate you, but now you are gone.
For you, I would let thousands die.
For only you, I would cry.
Your dying breath made me realize that only you were the one.
Each word, each breath, comes with the sun.
Now the sun has set.

I don’t understand why, but I have this feeling that a good song would be Thin Line Between Love and Hate by the Pretenders. I have also written my own song called The Ballad of Ruth and Harry. Unfortunately, the latter of these two pieces has no lyrics. It is a piano piece.

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