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13 November 2011

From dimitrisgirl, Norfolk, UK

Fantastic woman

I would like to start by congratulating you for the beautiful acting you have put into my favourite show ever…spooks!
you and peter firth (the beaut!) completely make the show for me and it is absolutely genius. i have seen you in other work you have done such as ‘torn’, ‘law and order UK’, and ‘Luther’ which i must say i probably wouldn’t have watched unless you were in them! massive massive fan and i appreciate every second of Ruth Evershed. She has to be one of my favourite characters in any show let alone Spooks! You and Peter Firth completely dazzle on screen and i am proud to say i was in bits watching the final scenes! i have every DVD and watch them every night when i go to bed. i hope one day to actually get to meet you in the flesh (although i met Miranda Raison once and i was absolutely star struck!). i know this is unlikely to happen, so i say to you…keep on with the great work and we will all continue watching!
take care 🙂 & Tell R.P.J I love him, Thankyou XXXX

19 November 2011

From Natalie, Israel

Thank you, Nicola!

I’m not from the UK (or USA), and I started watching Spooks from the last few episodes of series 5, so I didn’t know Ruth Evershed back then. But by the end of series 9 I decided it was too much, I was just completely overwhelmed by the way you played Ruth (and of course by how you portrayed her relationship with Harry. Cheers to the lovely Peter FIrth). I had to see more of you (and Ruth), so I had no choice but to sit myself down to watch Spooks from the beginning, just for this reason. And I am so happy I did. I don’t remember ever enjoying an actor or an actress more than I enjoyed you. Honestly, I feel that words like ‘outstanding’ or ‘brilliant’ wouldn’t do you any justice. There were scenes when I could actually feel Ruth’s emotions in my own body. That’s how much I got from your performance. So I wanted to say – thank you, so so much.

I wish you best of luck in the future! I promise to look for you on theatre next time I’m in London, and hope to see you on screen as well.

22 November 2011

From Nikki, Manchester, UK

Mama Bear

Dear Nicola,

I often wonder if you knew the impact your character would have on us all when you joined Spooks.

Did you know when Ruth stumbled into the briefing room dropping files, stuttering and making Harry smile that the Spooks audience of millions sat up a little straighter and gave their TV that extra bit more of attention?

Did you know that when she uttered the memorable words of “bugger the home office” you had an audience of millions around the world grinning like idiots.And for those who didnt love Ruth by then were defintly in love with her by the time she finished having a fight with her desk lamp, with the added exclamation of “THING”. It was at this point we knew her character would be legendary in the show, she was bonkers but brilliant and we bloody loved her. Thankyou for bringing her to life for us. I hope to see you on TV and in the theatre again soon.

And the best of luck with the happy and sucessful future you richly deserve.

27 November 2011

From Beatrice, Arlington, VA, US

Ruth Evershed Memorial

I would like to thank you for your wonderful portrayal of Ruth, who is my favorite Spooks character. I love how you express your deepest feelings in your beautiful eyes. I am impressed by the way you reveal the distress of Ruth in your voice and how you pause between two words. I am amazed that you can immerse yourself so totally in your role. I was very touched by your reaction in the s10 DVD extra when you explained that Ruth was finally ready to live with Harry and that her hope was crushed in such a cruel manner. Your last scene with Peter Firth was beautiful; even though Ruth should have survived and got together with Harry. All your fans are looking forward to admiring you in many more TV shows, movies and plays.

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